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Is Applying Bp Once A Day The Only Way To Stop Dryness?

Okk so im on my 8th week and almost completely clear!! But im still embaressed to go out alot because of the excessive and dryness

and flaking!! It is not as bad as the first couple of weeks but it is still really dry.

Ive tried alot of things to help with the dryness, change of cleansers/ change of moisterizer, hand exfoliation, jojoba scrub in shower, jojoba before bp/ jojoba with moisterizer, and reducing my bp to 1 pump twice a day.

The only thing that helped alot was reducing my bp to 1 pump! i starting feelng soft skin on my face again, not a rough scaly feeling, but then i was breaking out alittle soo i got scared and went back up to my usual 1.5 pumps.

AHA also helps alot, but the dryness overcomes the AHA magic.

I feel like the ONLY way to get rid of the dryness is to apply BP only at night, but of course im scared to breakout again.

Has ANYONE overcome the dryness and flaking while still doing twice a day BP?? Will i stay somewhat clear with only doing it at night??

I dont mind having 1-2 pimples on my face, if the rest of my face is clear and moist and soft, with no flakes!

Please helpppp

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This is what I've had to do to combat the dryness, and I've read where other users have done the same. I would give it some time and see if it's effective for you this way, 1x a day.

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I would very slowly reduce how much bp you use. Don't jump right to once a day. Slowly go down from your 1.5 pumps twice a day to 1.25 pumps twice a day, then 1 pump twice a day, etc etc. eventually get down to only once a day. Right now I do .5 pumps twice a day, and am about to go down to .5 once a day. It is a long and slow process slowly reducing the bp but it is worth it because you ensure that you stay clear which is the overall goal. Good luck.

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Kk will definitly follow your advise, going down to 1.25 pumps this week,

Next week 1 pump 2 times a day,

week after that 1.5 pumps every other night once a day, other days stay with 2x a day.

Does that sound resonable?

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In all honesty man it is completely up to you.

Having BP on there all the time just means less chance of breaking out. However, most of the action takes place at night anyways I would assume. Cause really? How many times have you looked in the mirror and at the end of the day had a breakout. Most likely never.

BUT how many times have you woken up with a breakout? all the time i bet.

:D Point is night should be fine, then I would use it in the morning but just as a very light spot treatment

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KK thanks for all the advise! well my plan was to go down to 1 pump 2 times a day at first,

but i accidentally missed 2 night sessions, so i did once a day for 2 days straight, and yupp 3 newbies, but so incredibly tiny and with AHA they should be

completely gone in a day or two.

Main point : take it SLOW...lol I guess i was too eager and really using 1 pump 2x really helped with dryness, i just didnt even give it a week lol

Sooo gunna stick with 1 pump 2x a day and ill update to show how it works and if i stay clear with dying dryness! good luck all!

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