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Vinegar, honey, diet and other holistic things

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Very Good Post.. Hmm, but I still get acne.. I follow this similiar diet. Now I am going to experiment to eliminate chickens that are fed the soy because this may cause imbalance between omega 3 and 6.

I dont eat any fruit unless I am in mood.

And I dont juice any vegetable. But I know it aids detoxifing well. But my body isnt interested in this.

How was your acne before you doing this? And where was it located?

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Well I started to get back and chest acne about 5 or 6 years ago, it's gone at times but seems to come back every now and then. The worst part of that is that the marks take about a year or more to heal.

I started to get acne of my face about 18 months ago, it was it's worse a few months ago but it's getting better now. I get a couple of pimples each week, it's not too bad. What is bad is the red marks, although they're getting better. It'd be great to be doing regular cardio but I'm injured at the moment. Cardio is one of the best things I've found for the red marks to heal.

The chest and back acne has been coming back lately so I'm tempted to see a dermatologist, but then he won't be able to do much unless I get accutane. Before I do I'm going to try a coffee enema, I haven't been able to find a pharmacy or health food store that has enema kits yet though. I've tried the olive oil liver flush three times without success.

Vegetable juicing isn't just important for detoxifying, it's probably the best source of vitamins you can get. The body can absorb the nutrients in the juice much better than supplements.

Things that I should add to what I do, I've started drinking dandelion tea so that'll support healthy liver function, I also like the taste and it's liking more with each cup. I drink two cups about 30 mins or so before lunch.

I've also got myself a lactic acid peel for those lingering red marks, I've only used it once so I'll let you know how I go.

Also, I mentioned getting sunlight earlier, another good reason for this is that UV rays can help cleanse the blood, this works best if large areas of the body are exposed.

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I hope things will go well for you. smile.gif U mean u did your first three liver flushes and u didnt pass anything?

Dandelion tea sounds good. Especially for liver.

I truly believe in cardio execrise whenver you are not overstressed with it. This helps to stimulate the body's circumstance.

Do you weightlifting? I ask because I have noticed when I weightlift, I get acne on my shoulders sometimes anywhere upper on my body. Hmm.

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I used to train regularly but haven't for a couple of years, can't afford the gym at the moment. I did not find that it affected my acne though. I should hopefully get back to doing cardio everyday.

I've done three liver flushes, using grapefruit juices, apple juices, i only noticed one small green stone, there could've been more I did use a strainer type of thing heh. I'm pretty sure I didn't pass anything close to 50 or 100 or anything. I've got hope for the coffee enema though, maybe it'll hope with the hayfever I'll be getting soon this spring.

I rarely get shoulder acne, but I've been gettting more back acne though, it's like it's cyclical and I can't do much about it.

Is there anything you do that I didn't mention in my post?

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Hmm, I dont know if what I did that u havent done. What about bowel cleanse? Actually i have done alot from topical treatment and oral antibotic to diet and detoxication.

If you plan to do liver flush again, lets try lemon juice along with olive oil because lemon may has more acid than grapefruit. I dont know yet. but people said grapefruit does as good as lemon.

I just finally added cardio exercise to my regimen. I just felt like I really need to do to wake up my body even though I have been weightlifting. I just got a feel that cardio will speed the detoxication process. I did run today for ten mins. After that I felt SOOO high. smile.gif I will join my dad to run for three miles nearly daily.

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Generally yeah.. Actually I am used to it. I will enjoy my life more if I have clear skin. smile.gif So I am going for it. Only thing I dont like about living in where there is no really good place to eat out.

But I would like to complete this detox thing anytime soon.

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It's not bad, it's just an alternative to another diet for me. What else am I gonna buy from the supermarket? I mainly get fruit and veg, oats, rice and of course butter. Fast food costs more than that, not to mention the sugar and transfat laden "food".

I've been looking at colon irrigation for a few years, the cost is a bit prohibitive though.

I've wasted way way too much money on topicals, detoxifications.

I'm not going to try the olive oil route again, after 3 flushes olive oil tastes terrible now.

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