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I did find another topic with this title, the main concerns for something like this are it causes scarring as it sucks out the sebum (I'm confused, it IS sebum in a clogged hair follicle correct? I'm told it's actually keratin in a sebaceous cyst- so they aren't really sebaceous but wouldn't they form under the same mechanism, sebum fills up the follicle, and blocks it- why would it be keratin with a sebaceous cyst and sebum with white fluid pimple?)

Well, I could see something like this working, just provided it's gentle enough. Wouldn't it make more sense to wax the hair in the follicle first, pull it out by the root, so that you can vacuum out the sebum? If it is just sebum this should work, shouldn't it? Provided there is nothing solid in the hair follicle. Perhaps maybe in the future a tube small and fine enough, could be put down into the follicle and vaccum out the fluid

And, what kind of acne is it you get when you get visible red bumps. The reason being there is a sebum build up under the skin and that is why you have the bump. They don't seem to be either whiteheads, blackheads, pastule's or pustles, more like just small cysts. These are the most common ones I get.

Edit: here's a product that claims to do it, I'd still be very careful, and I don't know how they would have used this when my back broke out back in 92, it would take a long treatment!

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