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What's Stopping You From Getting Rid Of Your Acne?

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I hope I'm not alone on this! wub.png

So my acne is pretty sh*t atm, I really want it to go away and have clear skin again (like baby smooth skin lol) but there's still things that are stopping me from doing something about.

Like, paying for expensive products that may not work, or something working but the spots reappearing, and then doing research on other ways to get rid of acne, it's just seems a lot.

Is there anyone that feels the same way, like something is stopping them? And if so, what's stopping you?

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I suppose there are a lot of factors that are stopping people from curing their acne.

For me, it was not having money. I learned all the information and knew what I needed to do to cure my acne, but I just couldn't afford the stuff I needed. It was like a downward spiral because not having money meant not curing my acne and having acne kind of kept me from getting a job.

Other factors for people could be is that they feel hopeless. They try everything they can, but still get acne.

I'm sure if we didn't have these barriers, everyone would be clear! I guess it's just adapting to your individual situation and trying the best you can to overcome it. It's really more of a journey, and once you get clear, you'll look back and realize that it has made you a stronger person.

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In part, it used to be a financial thing. I was spending crazy money on expensive treatments and whatever new overpriced products claimed to be the latest "cure". They never lived up to that of course and if anything some of them probably did my skin more harm than good.

Beyond that, I did reach a point where I just felt hopeless and I gave in for a while. I'd tried every topical and antibiotic I could get but nothing was helping me in the long term. I was refused a referral to see about Accutane and at that point I just gave up. For maybe four months I did nothing at all and my skin was getting worse and worse. Out of sheer desperation - or at least that's how it felt - I took one last shot at hassling my doctor about Accutane and although I didn't get it, I did end up getting an intolerance test. Fast-forward roughly six months and I'm now generally free of acne, save for the odd pimple.

The thing which still surprises me is that for all the complicated regimens and things I tried, the easiest and simplest action of making a few relatively minor diet changes has made the biggest difference I've ever seen in my skin. The only other thing I did was increase my supplement intake, but again, that's not difficult or especially expensive. By the same token, the best regimen I've ever which I currently use is the simplest one. Everything just feels balanced and under control now. Plus I also spend less time worrying about my skin, dealing with acne and treating breakouts, less time in front of the mirror and less time picking, etc..

Really does feel like it's very much a case of less being more. If there's any chance that same kind of thing would work well for others then that's awesome because it's less effort yet better results. Almost defies logic, but I got to thinking that maybe I was going over the top and doing too much to my skin out of desperation. Seemed the key action - beyond removing inflammatory foods from my diet - was just to let things calm down and give my skin a shot at healing in a simpler way.

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I have tried countless things to cure my skin - cleansers, moisturisers, scrubs, antibiotics, topical treatments, light treatments, masks... all sorts of things, and have found one thing they have in common (at least for me); they don't work (some of them are expensive as hell too).

So recently I gave up trying, nowadays I just wash my face with water twice a day and thats it. I actually noticed that my skin looked better, it was less greasy and a good healthy colour but the acne is still there. I'm sure there are other things I could look into or try such as testing my diet but I'm at a stage where I really cannot be bothered anymore. I don't want to sound like a defeatist but thats just how it is, the countless things I have tried have always let me down and it feels like I have no control anyway.

So I would say the biggest thing stopping me from getting rid of acne is my own motivation at the moment. I'm sick of obsessing over my skin and trying all sorts of crap to clear it. Right now I am just trying to live with it and it hasn't been so bad, its still moderate acne but thats just the way it is.

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Great post! I used to spend loads on products (derms and scripted stuff), then I tried the holistic angle and spent even more on Manuka honey and so forth; that was killer. Pretty broke now haha, but I think for me diet makes the biggest difference. I have a big problem with holding back and not eating sweet foods. I end to also be depressed a lot and I guess it might affect my skin. I also had a similar experience to MJRI94, my products mostly ran out so I ended up trying the 'Caveman Regimen', it helped but I had to tweak it a bit. But yeah, mental/emotional blocks are mostly what stand in my way.....

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