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Now usually people who say this are just starting out during that horrible horrible purge of death that this drug causes. I got through that...I actually lost a semester because of that. My face got better suddenly after about 5 months. But a month later it progressively got worse and worse until I was worse than before I started! I used it for 10 months by the way. When I stopped using it, my skin got a lot better. And I don't have the uncomfortable itchy and burning sensations. Also my face isn't swollen or red anymore. My acne cleared up substantially after a week of dieting and exercising and taking a bunch of supplements, while also using my antibiotics and benzoyl peroxide. I never really believed in using vitamins, drinking water, and all those natural methods...but I must say this is a lot better than when I used retin-a. My complexion looks so much better. No dryness, no oiliness, significantly less acne etc etc. I'm not sure what's going on or why reting-a didn't work for me. Actually, I kinda think that it was the retin-a that was causing me to break out. I know it works for most people but it simply didnt work for me. I want to ask, has anyone had a similar experience with this? Also, I am a bit worried that my acne will come back with a vengeance because I stopped using retin-A. I mean, my face was horrible while using retin a a month ago, but I feel like because I used it for so long, stopping it suddenly will cause me to beak out...but it's the opposite effect. So weird. I almost feel like it's too good to be true. I haven't felt this comfortable with my skin in ages.

by the way I am now taking vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Zinc, B-complex, and b-5. B5 and zinc are supposedly the best for acne, and honestly, this is the first treatment that has worked on me (along with using antibiotics and benzoyl.)

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This post is a little old, so not sure if you'll respond, but how is your skin now? Are you still avoiding retin a?

I'm in a similar situation. I've been on retin a for 3 1/2 months. granted, it's not the 10 months you were on it. It seemed like around the 2 month mark my skin was improving. But it has been all downhill since then. When I started retin a, my skin was nearly clear -- I only chose to use retin a because I was bugged by like 1 or 2 really small zits that only I could see (I feel like such an idiot for changing my regimen). Anyways, I'm considering discontinuing use of retin a to see if I can get the skin I had before starting on it.

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