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I was wondering if anyone had any advice for me.

For the longest time I believed I had acne and wasted many on tons of different products that got me no where. But I was always confused about the fact that I only ever got puss filled pimples in area's where by beard grew and that these pimples always had small white hairs in them.

Recently I found out that I didn't have acne at all, I had a predesposition to ingrown hairs. I am hispanic and my hair is naturally curly so I am more prone to this. I also have a problem with picking at my own skin. even when I know i'm just going to make things worse sometimes these things hurt really bad and to relieve the pain I always end up picking at inflamed pimples and as a result my left side is pretty badly scarred.

This crap has been destroying my confidence and reduced me to a grumpy hermit in the best years of my life.

I have been shaving improperly since I first started growing facial hair, against the grain with a beard trimmer and I didn't know that would end up messing up the way my hair grows.

My facial hair isn't fully developed yet. I notice that I mostly get these things in places where my beard hair is less thick, specifically next to my chin and above the area where my beard is the thickest. It's where my hair is thinner where the hair tends to curl inside the most.

I tried to search the internet for ways to cure this crap and sadly there was very little info on it. And worse is the fact that unlike acne I might never outgrow this as long as a keep growing facial hair. Most suggestions were to use a beard trimmer or electric razor, which I already have been doing, and use of AHA exfoliating products, which I just started today.

Anyone else have this? If so, what can be done to cure the problem permanently?

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Skin Biology Lacsal Serum (Dissolves protein of folliculitis and ingrown hairs)
After going through Menopause and for at least five years, I have had folliculitis and stiff, ingrown hairs on my upper lip area. Skin Biology Lacsal Serum has completely dissolved the folliculitis, so the hairs are exposed! Previously I have had laser, taken Progesterone, Estrogen, topical Progesterone Cream, Spironolactone, Metformin, Clindamyacin Gel applied topically and also Clindamyacin and Doxycycline antibiotics taken internally, Benzoyl Peroxide, and numerous other topical treatments.
Quite by accident, I found mention on Makeupalley.com of Lacsal Serum and that it could help dissolve the proteins of folliculitis. Within two days, my folliculitis was being dissolved, and I am now getting electrolysis to permanently eradicate this nightmare I have been experiencing.

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