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Applying BP and Moisturiser

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My first question is about applying BP: I follow the Regimen's instructions of rubbing a lot of it slowly into the skin, but after that should I leave a thick layer of cream on or will just rubbing alone suffice? Does the skin continue absorbing BP after you stop rubbing? If so, then wouldn't leaving a layer of BP cream on the skin be better?

Secondly, after applying so much BP, when I apply the moisturiser, it tends to smudge the BP cream and spread it around the face; does this affect the effects of BP? Is it true that in the 5-15 minutes in between applying BP and moisturiser the BP has finished its work on your skin? If so then the moisturiser smudging the BP cream shouldn't ruin the effects of BP right?

I am visiting a dermatologist today to ask for Roaccutane, I hope he gives it to me unsure.gif

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What i do is, apply the bp a little at a time and make sure that it is fully absorbed before applying a bit more, etc etc. You can apply more this way cuz it doesnt just get mooched around your face and fingers. This has been working for me. Good luck

Ps, if you don't have the euricin moisturiser recommended on the regimen, you should get it. I just ordered some and have used only twice so far, and it's so much better than any of the other crap ive been using before. It burns abit after you put it on, i dont know whether that stops after you get used to it, but it actually conteracts the dryness which other moisturisers did not.

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