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In the beginning of my treatment I would eat more because you had to take the pill on an empty stomach. An hour later i would eat anything insight. It's been like a month later and whenever i take the pill in the morning it takes away my hunger. Then later on the day, it seems like i forget to eat. No i'm not aneroxic. If my body tells me i'm hungry, i eat. If it doesn't tell me then i won't eat. I'm 5'5 and last time i wieghed myself i was 115. I was thinking about this whole topic today (because i was trying to figure out why my pants were feeling baggy)and i remembered that one of the side effects that was listed was that it might take away your appetite. I was wondering if anyone else that is taking the pill is getting the same effect as I. I would like to hear your responses.

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I lost my appetite the first week of taking tetra too, actually I thought this was just me, I didn't know it was a recognised side effect. My period was also 2 weeks late in my first month eusa_eh.gif

Like NW3 said, you could take the pill about half an hour before you go to bed, I do this too. Have a big meal a couple of hours beforehand smile.gif

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wow, so i took my pill the other day with pepsi and the combination of the two is awful. I was so jittery and messed up that i thought i was going to shoot through the roof. My hands wouldn't stop shaking.

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