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Acne As An Adult..no Idea Whats Happening!

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I made it through adolescence, my twenties and early 30's relatively unaffected by acne breakouts. I had the occasional pimple but it was never out of control and I knew how to deal with it. But as I've gotten older, pimples and whiteheads seem to be popping up more frequently. I have fairly normal skin and I've adjusted my skin care regimen to go along with my aging skin, but nothing to dramatic, Ive added some eye creams and use a toner now. I browse through all the acne medications available at the stores and see the commercials for prescription strength systems but Im not sure what is best to use for someone my age that won't cause excess drying, redness and wont counteract the anti-aging stuff I use.

Is there anything out there that can help?

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Lucky you! I mean lucky that you had so many years without acne! Sorry to hear you're suffering now. The anti-aging creams may be an issue. Some of them are pretty harsh and this can activate an acne-like condition. Also some of those creams can be pretty thick and occlusive (clog pores). Rosacea is another disease that comes later in adulthood and can look like acne. Or you may be entering premenopause and your hormones are starting to go wacky. So many possibilities. At this point since it is suddenly happening more and more it makes sense to see a dermatologist to figure out what is happening. Why? Because some of these conditions can get worse if you use acne meds. On the other hand, if it is plain old acne then there are ways to treat it designed for older skin such as using tretinoin creams (retin-a). Plus a dermatologist will help you design a regime that incorporates anti-aging stuff. For example I do monthly microdermabrasions which helps my aging skin (I'm 61) while at the same time helping the acne. Yes, I still have acne (sigh) and have always had it since teen years (lucky me...). The regime I'm on targets my cystic acne while also targeting wrinkles. I am very pleased cheer.gif

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