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What Other Symptoms Do You Have?

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I'm not sure if a thread like this has been created before, but it would be interesting to hear other people's symtoms, as well as having acne. Which may be helpful in figuring out how to address the main cause at its roots, and thereby curing or controlling your acne. Acne is a symptom, after all. Your other symtoms might be directly or indirectly related to your acne. For example, you may suffer from cold hands & feet, which may suggest this is a symptom of iron deffiency and/or anemia, or poor circulation. Your acne may also be in correlation to that symptom.

I'll post mine in due course. Maybe we can make a connection and spot (excuse the pun) similarities from one another.

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One other symptom I have is my pH being too alkaline; could that possibly mean that I have low hydrochloric acid? I have been diagnosed with seborric dermatitis.

On another note; why do seborric dermatitis and seborric eczema share the same name?

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Here are my other symptoms:

1. Constipation

2. Upper-GI tract issues like gastritis, heartburn, and ulcers

3. Brain fog

4. Memory problems

5. Slow processing of information

6. Poor concentration and focus/ADHD

7. Anxiety

8. Depressed feelings (sometimes, and not exactly depression)

9. Low motivation/energy

I also have endometriosis (a reproductive disease in which endometrial cells from the uterine lining grow outside the uterus and attach to organs such as the bladder and kidneys).

Oh, completely forgot! I'm having some hair thinning. I wonder if it's just a scalp issue, due to stress, or due to wacky hormones which would also cause the acne.

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I like this thread:

Along with acne, i have:

diagnosed depression

anxiety with occassional chest pain

occassional itching on body


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Occipital lymph nodes; everybody had these, but mine are a little swollen on the back of my neck just below my hairline, and also on the left side of my neck. Now that I think of it: I did go to the doctor when I was little (too young to have acne) and I had a couple of spots on my forehead; he said that may be why my lymph nodes were a little swollen. They've been like that ever since. I never bothered to do anything about it. Still, to this day, I have no idea why they are raised up like this.

Additional notes I found online:

''While fighting against micro-organism, there are chances of lymph nodes falling prey to the infection. In such situations, these few millimeter to 1-2 cm sized, small ball-like or oval-shaped organs enlarge, and we come to know that something inside is not all right.'' Oh really?!

'' Lymph nodes fight against infections with the help of lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells.''

''Occipital lymph nodes swelling comes under what the doctors refer to as lymphadenopathy. When our body is under attack by pathogens, the immune systems goes on warpath to fight against it. The presence of pathogens in the lymph nodes cause the lymphocytes to retaliate. When the report of this action is telegraphed to the immune system with the help of hormones or neurotransmitter, it sends more warrior cells to these node. This increase in number of body cells at the site of action, leads to enlargement of suboccipital or occipital lymph glands. This also causes inflammation (lymphadenitis) of these nodes. Itchy scalp, due to irritation of these nodes is common in this condition. Swelling of lymph nodes, stresses the nerves in the surrounding region. Pain or stiffness of the neck is also experienced. Apart from accumulation of debris, there are few other causes of enlargement of these nodes, such as, presence or multiplication of the body cells like, monocytes or microphages.''

''Causes of Swelling

If your occipital lymph nodes are enlarged then know that it is rarely because of cancer. Your doctor may find the culprit in a bug bite, infected cut or puncture, ringworm, lice, dandruff or a bout of infection of bacterial, fungal or viral origin. In such a situation, you should keep an eye on the size of occipital lymph node. It matters a lot if it is one inch in size or more, and whether it is still growing. If it has lasted for more than a month, and you have experienced fever and night sweats, then it is in your best interest to consult a doctor.''

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One other important symptom I have is that whenever I limit my food intake, I get lower back pain. On my left side, just above my hip. I don't know know the real cause of this, other than not eating much. But it's only on my left side, and not my right.

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Brain fog

Poor concentration and memory




Sensitivity to light and heat

Voice problems

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I think depression and anxiety are common in acne sufferers, and also fatigue from diet issues, which many of us go though in order to avoid possible offending foods for acne. I also have all 3 of those. I'm not entirely sure about poor concentration and memory, but that could also be due to all the stress, depression and anxiety and diet, and so it's all related, not to mention having acne on the mind all day every day. It's no wonder our minds can't function properly; the acne sort of takes over everything.

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Hmmm right now i am having pretty bad constipation/gastrointestinal issues. i think its mainly from the spiro. The constipation started almost a week ago, the bloating happened when I started taking the spiro. I stopped taking it a week ago and my issues have gotten worse, stomach is constantly bloated, if i eat anything it feels worse, cannot have a normal BM. IDK what to do its stressing me out. Been to the e.r and they say they see no blockage or mass,nothing.

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1. IBS as a teenager

When I was a teenager I was diagnosed with IBS and put on Prilosec and then PrevAcid. This seemed to make problems worse.

2. Low stomach acid

I actually think my stomach acid was too low, not too high, and resolved my IBS symptoms through 6 months of Betaine HCL (hydrochloric acid) supplementation.

3. Sensitivity to dairy

Dairy makes my skin oilier, breakouts increase, and it can give me brain fog, fatigue, and diarrhea.

4. Anemic as a baby

I was fed a lot of iron as a baby to combat infant anemia.

5. Jaundice as a newborn

6. High-stress childhood environment

7. Persistent dry cracked feet since age 14

Have not responded to any treatments.

8. Notable sicknesses in my lifetime: pneuomnia, strep throat, many variations of the flu

9. Seborrhea dermatitis, a few times

10. Head lice, a few times

11. Low vitamin D-3 levels

Had my levels checked a few years ago and was quite low. I have been supplementing on and off and trying to get more sun exposure. Haven't had a re-check of levels though.

12. Back pain

I attribute this more to car accidents.

13. Tons of muscle knots, all the time

Probably due to car accidents + my career as a professional dancer

14. Excessive androgen activity

I say this because I am now being treated with spironolactone, an anti-androgen, and it is clearing up my cystic acne that I have had since age 13.

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