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Managed To **** Myself Over Again...

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So a couple of days ago I had this blackhead sort of thing, I don't even know what it was. I just felt pressure under my nose. I pressed on it but never enough to make it pop or bleed or anything. Anyway, it still became really red. this was about 4 days ago. It was redish and pinkish, and i figured it would just go away. But no. it turned into a scab and it was really scabby & dry for 2 days. On sunday night, I used a mint mask (Queen Helene's) and it just kind of dried up and peeled off. Ever since then, the skin around it has been really flakey and dry and peeling. I didn't pick at it or pull it or anything...I just continued with my normal routine. I used my Clarisonic over the area twice and I think the flaking stopped. But now it's just black and brown and hideous....

JUST when the awful marks between my eyebrows are beginning to fade, this happens.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I think I should use Vitamin E or Mederma...not sure which one. Aloe vera gel helped getting rid of the peeling.

More importantly, does anyone know how long this will be around? Hopefully only a few weeks...



here's how it looked earlier today:



it's hard to see in pictures, but really noticeable in real life.

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