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I was wondering if Mino gives you yeast infections? I'm on Amoxicillyn and 1 Accutane pill a week (so I can't take tetracyclin) and I'm very clear. However... amoxicillyn is making me itch! Any suggestions?

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To prevent yeast overgrowth (as well as a MYRIAD of other potential problems such as "leaky gut", etc.) you MUST take a good probiotic for the entire course of your antibiotics. A great one (relatively new, as well) is called "BioBeads" made by a company called Natrol. I bought mine at GNC. Here is a link to the product:

Natrol BioBeads

Good luck! smile.gif

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Ugh. yes. I struggled with this the entire time I was on Mino. Yay my face is clear but I'm so uncomfortable 'down there' it wasn't even worth it! I tried to eat lots of yogurt, take acidophilus and drinks lots of water, but it never seemed to help. I am very prone to YI's anyway, so this just made it tons worse!

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In addition to the other advice that has been stated above.Go with undergarments that wick away moisture.Moving Comfort and Champion sell some good products.If you buy any clothing that has wicking properties, make sure you don't use fabric softener when laundering, it blocks up the air flow in the fabric.

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all antibiotics have the potential of causing yeast infection in most all women. I never used to have a problem with antibiotics until a little over 2 yrs ago.. i had a really bad kidney infection and they doubled me up on different kinds of antibiotics .. every since then i've been prone to YI every time i need to take an antibiotic for something.. (that is why i got put on accutane.. the topicals didn't work and i couldn't stay on the antibiotics long enough to see if they would work..

so my derm suggested accutane. tomorrow is my last day of a 6 month cycle.. i'm so glad i did it! it's absolutely amazing!)..

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In general, are you more likely to get YIs after prolonged periods of antibiotics or at the start of a course? Or can they basically come at any time? Ooh and Muller probotic yoghurt drinks taste quite nice, if anyone's after some.

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