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The Only Things That Help My Nose Are Squeezing Or Bp (But I'm Allergic!)

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Hello! I am 18yrs old and am having a bit of trouble, mostly with my nose. My acne is mild to moderate but I feel like my nose is QUITE bad - I read the topic on sebaceous filaments but can't help thinking these are blackheads (even though they are all the same size) because they look really big and dark.

Basically, I have noticed that over a few days my nose will get these black dots all over them that get bigger and bigger - it's quite gross, especially on the sides of my nostrils where it's worst. I know this is bad, but if I squeeze them one by one I get a thin white strand (ew...). My nose is of course quite inflamed once I do all of them, but by the next day it looks really good: the dots are pretty much not there. They get bad over time, though and I have to do this over again - I know squeezing is really not good, so I try to not do this much...sad.png

Anyway, the only other thing that works for me is BP, but I am almost certain I am allergic. My whole family uses BP for their skin and it works really well for them. I started up using BP and it was fine for a couple of weeks, but I started to get really badly itchy and inflamed eventually even though I moved slowly. I have since stopped using it, but I have always tried using a little of it now and then at night to test (the Salyitic acid pads I use don't work so well for my acne in general and the BP bottle is right there!). I wake up with skin that is very red and very puffy, almost like it's been injected with a little bit of venom. However, I can instantly notice that my acne is better, especially my nose. Last night I wanted to try using BP on just my nose as I am not going anywhere today: my entire face is now inflamed but my nose looks pretty good.

I've done some reading up and most people suggest using a Biore pore strip. I am pretty sure I am using it right, but it doesn't get much (still some...) from my nose. :\

I'm very shy and self-conscious so getting rid of my acne would really help. My whole family used to have acne as bad as mine or a lot worse, but they're all pretty much clear now, so I'm kind of the odd one out. Currently what I do for my face is:

I wash it once in the morning with the Acne.org cleanser an dfollow up with a Stridex pad. I then use 1 pump of Acne.org moisturizer, but sometimes use Cetaphil's daily facial moisturizer. At night I sometimes don't do anything because I'm so tired, but I usually use a Stridex pad and 2 pumps of moisturizer.

Any advice? If it is that I am allergic to BP, how bad would it be to just use it now and then because of how well it works for my nose? Any suggestions for something that might work for my nose AND my general acne?

Thanks for any help! smile.png

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i recently developed an allergy to BP. i think from being on the regimen almost 9 months and using so much of it, my skin decided to become sensitive to it. now any time i put it on, my entire face peels off and i get very very red. i have been off BP for over a month now, and my face still flushes very easily, when before the regimen i almost never blushed. like you, my nose was always covered in blackheads that if i squeezed, a small line of white stuff would come out. i would always use a toner and then slather layers of BP on my nose twice a day to prevent any of them from turning into pimples.

i was absolutely petrified to quit BP, but i'm very glad i did. i thought my nose would freak out, but in all honesty, i think the BP actually causes the clogged pores. now that i use no BP at ALL, my nose no longer has plugs. the week i decided to quit, i only used a biore strip to get the gunk out one last time. and now i apply NOTHING. once in a great while i might get a tiny tiny little dot, but i just put a dab of makeup on it and it's gone by the end of the day. get rid of the salicylic acid pads and try going water only. i use a mild cleanser at night because i wear some makeup, but i'm hoping eventually i won't need to put makeup on and i can skip washing with anything and use only water.

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I came across this home remedy the other day for blackhead removal and it works like a charm. Its way cheaper than the biore strips.

With a wooden spoon, mix 1 tbsp of unflavoured gelatin with 1 1/2 tbsp of milk.

Mix and heat in microwave for 12 seconds.

Dab on your face on top of blackheads.

Let sit on face for 15 - 30 minutes.

Carefully peel it off.

Do this every 3 days.

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