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Looking For Advice On A New Product For My Regimen .

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I used to have extremely bad acne, just really inflamed and all over my face. That was 2 years ago, and now my scars are gone and i really don't break out anymore. I've had great success with Tazorac, it has worked wonders. I've pretty much stuck the same regimen for two years,, and now I'm looking to tweak it a little. I'm looking for an astringent. I've tried them before, but they really just seemed to dry out my skin and cause my already naturally oily skin to produce more oil... Any adivce or products? Something not too harsh but that will work. Like I said, I have naturally oily skin, but I like to apply sunscreen to my face everyday, but all the products I have tried are just too oily. It seems the higher SPF, the oilier the product is, even when they say "non-greasy" Do you know of any good SPF 15+ sunscreens that aren't greasy?. Oh. And I'm also looking for a face wash. Not something really to treat my small amount of occasional pimples, but just a face wash that won't irritate any pimples, I guess?

Thanks, Sumner.

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CeraVe is brilliant for the facewash. If not that, other recommended ones include Clean&Clear Sensitive (the ingredients are the same as the more expensive Purpose cleanser), cetaphil (don't like it. too scented/ makes my skin feel weird), dan's cleanser. I'm sure there are others out there!

The Sunscreen face lotion by CeraVe (CeraVe AM) is pretty good too, and non-greasy! If you wanna dish out a bit more, La Roche Posay (LRP) makes an "extreme fluid" that's also not greasy. If you're fair, I HIGHLY recommend a Zinc based sunscreen; it provides complete protection and even blocks wrinkle causing rays. I'm very tan, so I can't use zinc oxide (at the risk of looking like i've put white paint on my face.) so I use LRP Anthelios XL 50+. Pretty greasy, but I don't mind. I think it lets makeup stick better. What's a little grease for great protection?! When I finish this tube, though, I'll get the dry version smile.png

For toners, Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner? maybe if you have a little cash, one from kiehl's? Or just use pure rosewater? Another option is Paula's Choice. I hesitate to recommend her, though, because I really don't like her snarky attitude. But one of her toners might work. Personally, I didn't like them--too many ingredients.

That said, I don't know why you feel you need the toner, but if you're looking for something that "gets the last traces off" why not use a makeup removing wipe before washing your face? The ones by Just the Basics are REALLY good (and cheap); just make sure you don't rub with the cloth--be very gentle.

On another note, if you really liked Tazorac, you might consider dropping some money on a retinol product (ROC, neutrogena, skinceuticals. there are a lot of vendors. I think skin ceuticals is supposed to be a really good high concentration option.) If you do, you don't need a toner. Just face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen for the mornings, and retinol for the night.

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I love Mario Badescu's products. They aim to be natural and are very effective. They are a bit pricey but they really work! I used to have extremely severe cystic acne, (not even Accutane helped!) and I used Mario's products. I am now almost completely clear after two months.

You can take a skin assesment on their website and pick up their products at a local Ulta, if you don't want to order online.

Their drying mask contains calamine, which if you look on this acne.org site helps with oil control. The moisturizer they recommended for me is SPF 15 and doesn't feel heavy or break me out! :)

Check them out! If you want more details the link to my blog is in my signature.

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