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Hey all,

I want to use a sunbed for 3 minuets, I'm very pale and I just want a bit of a tan, I understand the risks and as long as you don't go crazy in my opinion it's okay, please don't contradict me on this!

My question is, does using BP and AHA, more importantly AHA (I know about the sun exposure thing,) cause any problems if you use a sunbed for 3 minuets?


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I just started "The Regimen", but am only doing it at night before I go to bed. I have found that using even quite a bit of BP does not give me any redness/drying/flaking. I then put on the moisturizer AND the AHA (all over my face).

In the morning I am using Cliniques 3 step acne system (wash, salicylic acid toner, and moisturizer) because I feel that does a good job controlling my more cystic acne.

Using BP, AHA, and Salicylic Acid, you'd think my face would be quite sensitive to the sun and/or UV rays. I was worried at first because I like to go tanning 3 times a week, but have been using the beds with no issues. I'm in the beds for the full time and under high pressure facial lamps.

I can't speak for everyone though. These products aren't guaranteed to make you more sensitive to UV light, but they may. Use caution. I doubt 3 minutes under any bed is going to hurt at all though.

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Maybe skip the AHA+ on the day you're going to tan? I used to tan all the time while I was on the regimen and I never had any problems with tanning and BP (of course I'd never recommend tanning now as I'm deathly fearful of premature aging). The AHA+, however, made my skin horribly sensitive to even minimal sun exposure. If you are going to tan, I'd recommend at least skipping the AHA+.

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