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Joint Clicking/cracking

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Hi everyone. I have read a lot about joint pain whilst on accutane but I haven't been able to find a lot about joint clicking/cracking. I've only been taking accutane for 6 days (20mg a day) but this morning I've noticed that every time I move, my joints (ankles/knees/wrists) make clicking noises which is certainly not normal for me. I just wondered whether anyone else had experienced this and whether it continues throughout the whole course.

Thanks xx

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yeah same here. Ive been on accutane for four months though. the other day we had a class presentation and i dropped my pointer, so i went to bend down and pick it up and literally every bone in my body cracked.. i was so embarrassed

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Do a google search or a search on this board like Sheefa and you will find out about joint clicking or what some call crepitus. For some it may stop once your course is over and for some it may not, and though dose doesn't always matter some have had worse side effects on 20mg.

I would say try Vit D as Vit A (accutane) and Vit D compete and Accutane is known to lower Vit D levels and maybe think about trying alternatives to accutane if you acne is not severe cystic acne. Like Light Threapy.

Good Luck

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Hi all

i came off Roaccutane 5 months ago and every bone in my body clicks n it so embarrassing n makes me feel like my body is 90 year old .

jus read ur post n I know it’s an old post but I would be grateful if u could confirm if ur bone clicking has stopped now :)

Thanks u in advance 

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