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The sun and BP

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Ok, been on Dan's BP gel since June, and it seems to be kinda working... well, it keeps me almost clear but not quite. I keep trying to up the amount of BP, but I go red, even tho I use moisturiser everytime I appy the BP. It's been a fine balance between redness and clearness. mellow.gif

Cut a long story shot, I went on holiday for a week, on a sunny greek island (Kos). I tried to stick to the BP for the first few nights, but I went so red and peely that I had to stop. Believe it or not, after spending a week in the sun, without any BP gel or moistureiser, I was the most clear as I have ever been (totally clear). I fealt great. I never seem to be able to get a tan, so I used plenty of SPF 20 to prevent sunburn, so all was good.

Holiday finished a week ago, and I've been in the UK a week now, and I tried to see how I could get on without any BP... bad idea. I never seem to see the sun at all in the UK, as I work indoors, and I was clear until a few nights ago, and right now I feel kinda like smashing my mirror since I have broken out. Needless to say, I have now restarted the BP... in smallish amounts for the moment.

Now, to me this seems like my body is telling me to get out in the sun... but this is not exactly easy since to gets dark as I drive home from work in the UK, and winter is coming up. So, I need to know what it is in the sun that made me clear? Apart from UV rays which are apparently bad, I've heard that you get Vitamin E from the sun which sounds good. smile.gif I'm not rich enough to move to a sunny greek island just yet, so is there anyway I can re-create the effects if the sun over here in the cloudy rainy UK? I've been tempted to try one of those tanning sunbed type things, but I thought I'd ask here first, as they apparently have plenty of side effects (skin cancer, premuture aging of skin, etc.). So, anyone else in a similar situation? I'm kinda unsure what to do right now.

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