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I Have Marks In The Worst Spot!

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I have some acne marks I've had for literally two years in the only place where I wouldn't want them: between my eyebrows. They really piss me off because that's the ONLY "imperfection" I have on my skin, and because you can't possibly talk to me without noticing them.. So I've got a few questions:

1. Does sunlight affect these marks? I'm probably travelling south during the summer so I will obviously be exposed to a LOT of sunlight.

2. What's the quickest way to get rid of these? I've had them for enough time in my opinion and I just really want to get over with them already.

Thanks for your time,


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Guest pradetzki

Emu oil could help a bit.

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If you are going to expose your skin with sunlight, sun screen is always a must.

Lack of sun screen can cause a whole bunch of issues, such as skin cancer.

Acne marks < Skin cancer

Try Alpha Hydroxy Acid for the PIH marks.

It did pretty well on my skin.

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Yes, sunlight can worsen the marks in the long term, although it may temporarily make them seem better if your entire face is tan. I would advise you to invest in a good sunscreen especially made for facial use, so as to avoid irritating your skin/breaking out (make sure it's oil free if you're very prone to acne!). The marks will fade over time, although it does take forever. I have them everywhere on my face, from my cheeks to my temples to my chin, and while I've tried ACV and various other topical treatments I've found just leaving them alone fades them the fastest. Hope this helped :)

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