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Eucerin Renewal: Day vs. Face

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Hey, been on the reg for 4 weeks and its doing great. Im running low on my neutrogena moisterizer, and now that my skin is less sensitive to the BP i figured i should step up to the AHA eucerin now. Trouble is, CVS doesnt have it so i have to get it off of drugstore.com. From what ive seen here most people recommend eucerin day lotion, but it has mixed reviews on drugstores website. however, their renewal "face" lotion gets great reviews. The two lotions seem to both have AHA, and (maybe) lactic acid, but other ingredients are different.

I can only really gamble on getting one of these, and i need you to help me decide which to get. Please post any recommendations, reviews, etc. Thanks!

By the way, i know the AHA and lactic is good for old red spots, but is there anything else i can do to help lessen them (or will the eucerin+time be enough)? Thanks again all.

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I've tried both of these, and the renewal lotion is WAY better than the daily control stuff. First of all, the renewal lotion comes in a 4oz bottle, whereas the daily control lotion only comes in a 1.7oz bottle for the same price. Second, the daily control lotion completely balls up and gets chunky and did not get abosorbed by my skin. By the time I was done applying it, my face was white and pasty and nasty looking. The renewal lotion works really well and my skin soaks it right up. Good luck!

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i think that you may have eucerins 'renewal day lotion' and 'daily control' mixed up.

both the eucerin moisterizers i am considering are in the "renewal" sub-brand, one being "renewal Face" and the other is "renewal day lotion". Both come in 4oz bottles. you can see them here

now that this is cleared up, does anyone else have any experiance with them?

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bump for a good question.

Eucerin claim Sodium Lactate as their AHA (not lactic acid which is a long way down the ingredient list) but I cant find any info to back that up.

Also Ive read that you cant have AHA and SPF working together in one product because the pH's required for each are quite different. Anyone with an opinion on this?

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Face Renewal is the original one that has been round for ages....I use it. Skin Renewal is a new (tho very similar) product that turned up about 6 months back.

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I'm pretty sure that i read in a older thread, that the "alpha hydrox" lotion is the one people were recommending. I'm using the alpha hydrox and it does moisturize decently and doesn't make me break out in more pimples, rashes or anything.

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