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10Weeks on Retin A (Pics included) a tad worried

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Well, I stopped the regimen 10weeks ago and hopped onto Retin A Micro and I take antibiotics too. I use the Retin A at night then use the Dan's BP in the day time if I see a break out. I cleanse my face 2 times a day and also tone with ACV about 3 times a week. My face isn't sensitive at all. I also am sure to use a good sunblock

I've noticed that my breakouts are fewer and they seem to come and go quickly but I am still getting a few pimples here and there and a few bouts of cystic Acne too.

Here is a link to my old gallary and a few pics of me today. I'm so tired of looking at myself and analyzing my face that I can't even tell if it is improving.

old Gallary pics:


Taken today

Front Shot


user posted image

user posted image

Can anyone tell a difference. Is the Retin A just a waste of my time. I hear that lactic peels are good but I am afraid that I will actually do more damage to my face than good. As you can tell, I am African American and my spots are dark,

Is the lactic peel easy to use? is there a place to get them inexpensively?



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Your skin seems to have cleared up quite nicely. My advice looking at your skin would be to just keep taking the antibiotics, and wash in morning and night and apply benzoyl peroxide gel (5%). This might irritate your face but stick with it because will work wonders. It will face the scars with its peeling effect.

Also, I am trying Zinc supplements with food. Will let you know how it works but I have heard miracle stories so maybe you should try it.

Good luck.

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Well, it doesnt look so bad...

I think you have improved. Remember: retinoids (like tazorac, retina, differin) take a long time to kick in.

At least 12 weeks. And after that you can still improve. I heard retinoids are quite effective on coloured people, (on average, the skin is thicker, so there is less irritation too).

I'm currently using differin. Its not THE MIRACLE, but i guess i have to wait some more. I would love to get antibiotics too, but i cant. But the combo would do the trick, i think:

retinoids for clogged pores, comedones (white and blackheads)

antibiotics for killing bacteria, pustules , cysts (i dont get cysts though)

I heard tazorac is the strongest retinoid, differin is the mildest on the skin (i'm still a bit red though).

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