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hey everyone... in need of some help

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Yeah... I have the same thing except mines getting lighter.. but will it go away any god damn time soon? (It's been there for like... 6 months or so)

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Maybe you guys should try some form of skin lightening. There's hydroquinone, kojic acid or a light peel might help. Lactic acid I hear is better than glycolic, but everyone's skin is different. I don't really like the hydroquinone, it doesn't work that great for me so I'm going for a peel. It sounds like you guys might have post acne hyperpigmentation and sometimes it goes away with time but I don't necessarily believe all that. Try a peel.

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I've already tried a lightener, didn't do shit... It actually made it red for a few days, then went back to normal... I do see that it's getting better, but I hate the fact that I popped them... My self-esteem dropped so much after that happened... and I regret it, although I might try a peeler, hopefully it works.

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When your skin is wounded, it takes time for the inflammation and redness to subside. Unfortunately, I don't know how long it will take for your particular skin to heal.

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but you're sure, that time will heal it to my proper skin color?

oh and, will oxy pads or clearasil moisturizer harm it in any way, cause I use them for my whole face each day.

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i havent tried any of the skin lightening stuff cause i guess im just afraid it mite do worse to my skin.. id rather be like this and wait rather than taking that chance...

honestly.. i think the skin on faces is just plain old weird... when we get a cut or something somewhere else, it tends to heal rather quickly (faster than a month). but the skin on faces just takes forever (over 6 months)to heal. wat a pain it is

haha i have no idea what im talking about up there^... i guess im just frustrated with this whole situation. im just glad that i havent broken out since my freshman yr in high school started (knock on wood) biggrin.gif

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