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I guess the main reason I'm on Accutane is because my brother and sister both went on it, though they were a little older than me when they did it. My mom did it back in the day, but she waited too long and still has pretty bad scarring from her acne, though i don't notice because she's tan and always beautiful. I'm 16 and at the end of my sophomore year of highschool. My acne never used to be bad, and I'd always be so proud because I didn't think I'd take after my siblings, who both had the most severe acne I've ever seen. It was horrible and cystic, and their faces were covered more with acne than with their actual skin/skin color..if that makes sense. huh.png

Fortunately they both cleared up beautifully. My brother (who is 23 now) still gets a pimple every now and then, but he has nice skin. My sister was honesty a miracle case, her face is beautifully clear now, aside from some light scarring that seems to fade with time. She has the occasional pimple when it's that time of the month, but her skin is really nice and she just looks beautiful. Let me just say now that after seeing how horrible her acne was and how she pushed through it, the results were so worth her bad side effects. She now looks completely gorgeous and definitely does not regret accutane at all. that's what really pushed me to do it, knowing how much it helped her. She was 16 when she did it too, but she did it december of her junior year, and she was 17 when she finished.

Even though my face acne is only moderate and nothing too severe, it's still not very good and the acne i do have is pretty deep and doesn't go away. The main reason (besides the siblings) that i'm on accutane is for my back and chest. If you're someone with the major back and chest and shoulder problems, stick around. My back acne is extremely painful, and it's a variety of small pimples and large painful ones covering my shoulderblades, upper back, neck, and chest. I haven't been able to wear half of my clothes because I can't wear anything that doesn't at least go up to my neck and cover my back. It's pretty sucky being a girl and it being the beginning of summer, because I can't wear bathing suits..let alone v-necks or tanktops. I'm extremely pale (a redhead/ginger), which the doctor says is good because apparently pale skin clears up beautifully and he said mine will do just fine. But i'm also prone to sunburn and stuff, so that won't be good considering it's summer. The only upside to starting accutane at the end of the school year is that now it'll be summer and i won't be forced to go out and see people (besides going to work). I figure if i have a bad acne day or feel low, i can stay home and relax without worrying about seeing people at school or hiding my face. It helps that my hair covers my forehead and parts of cheeks sometimes, though my acne usually isn't too bad when i cover it with makeup. I used bare minerals makeup, which is okay for covering acne but works beautifully when it's just for red and not really for raised bumps. It gets the job done though, enough where i dont feel too bad going out. My treatment is only 5 months, possibly 4, so I'll be done at the beginning of my junior year, which will be nice i guess.

SO anyway I started accutane last tuesday, so I guess today would be day #9.

Week 2 day 9:

Basically, my symptoms have been kind of strange. I mean, i've heard of people having them, but they seem out of order and just not usual..i dont know. The first thing i noticed was about 3-4 days after starting accutane, I began to breakout. I was kind of surprised because most people say they get an initial breakout at the end of month 1. My sister said month 1 was the worst and that i'll get through it, and her warnings scared me. I'm not sure if the initial breakout was from accutane or if i was just getting more acne because I stopped my old medicatiom (which didn't work by the way, like the other 1,000,000 products i've tried). So my skin hasn't really gotten too dry, I mean i don't have dry or oily skin to begin with, it's just kinda normal. My lips are what's strange. They're not particularly chapped, but they feel stretched. Like they're being pulled on, kind of rubbery, and when I touch them they're smooth. But they have that chapped feeling, like they're swollen, even though they look normal besides possibly getting a little paler. I don't know if that's because of accutane or maybe i've been using too much aquaphor. I've been using it since day1, maybe even before, just because of all the warnings and i wanted to be prepared. But my lips just feel weird and uncomfortable..i don't really know how to describe it. I can't tell if i should stop using aquaphor for a few days or keep using it, because i don't know what the problem is. Did anyone else have that problem? Anyway besides that and the breakouts, i've been a little more tired. Not sleepy, just kind of drained. I also have light headaches constantly. Sometimes they get really bad, but usually it's just dull. I've been able to wear my contacts most of the day and then i just take them out around dinner or when i get home from school.Ive anticipated not being able to wear them anymore so i've ordered my glasses and they should come in in a few days, for now i wear my old glasses. The worst side effect i've had was today for the first time i got a terrible terrible nose bleed. I've gotten nose bleeds before on occasion in my life, i mean most people do, but today was weird. It happened randomly in the hallway at school, and i had to run into a random classroom to get paper towels. I went to the bathroom and my nose was just gushing, nonstop flow of thick blood. I had never seen anything like it. Thankfully my friend held my nose while i washed off my hands and sleeves (blood got on my sleeves and inside on my arms, so i had to roll them up the rest of the day). it was also my lunch period so that was good, i went to the nurses and sat in there pinching my nose for about 25 minutes. in total i'd say my nose bleed lasted about half an hour, until finally it subsided. I had to go to the bathroom again and clean my nose and face and arms, which were all bloody. Then i reapplied some makeup because wiping the blood off also caused me to take the makeup off my chin (which had the worst acne on it). Besides that no other side effects yet...though I have noticed i'm getting acne in places i usually dont get it. Some parts of my face seem like they're getting better, but some are getting worse. I'm getting acne next to my nose and on my chin, which i didn't really used to get, but now my forehead looks better...it's very strange. Anyway, that's all that's happened to me so far. Fingers crossed that it'll get better rolleyes.gif

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Welcome to the boards! It's awesome you're getting on Accutane while still a sophomore in high school. You'll get rid of it early and won't have to deal with it when you're older :)

As for the nosebleeds, people will put a thin layer of vaseline on the inside of their nostrils when they go to bed at night. This keeps them from drying out and hopefully will stop the bleeding.

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Welcome to the forums! I wish you the best of luck on your Accutane course. I think you're taking it at the perfect time. You'll be able to relax and tend to your skin over the summer and when you go back to school for your junior year... Clear skin! :D

As a fair-skinned redhead myself, hearing fair skin clears up beautifully is awesome!

Don't worry too much about the timing of what is possibly your initial breakout. Everyone is different. Some people clear up right away, some people get an early IB, and some get theirs later in the course. It'll take a little time, but it will get better!

I'm only on day three of my course, but I've experienced the tiredness and the headaches as well. I had a headache yesterday. Like yours, it wasn't anything unbearable. It was pretty mild... Just a dull ache. Today, I was super tired. Not fun! I also had a sinus headache earlier today, but now that's gone away I have a regular headache that's very mild. It doesn't bother me at all, so I'm trying not to worry about it since it seems bad headaches are what we need to be concerned about. A lot of people have headaches in the first week or so, but they eventually go away from what I've read. I think it's just a matter of your body adjusting to the Accutane. I've also read that staying hydrated can help get rid of the headaches and keep them away. Make sure you're drinking plenty of water!

Good luck! You'll be clear before you know it! Hope you keep us updated!

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Hey :) I am only on Day 2 of accutane and am looking at blogs to find out what I should be expecting! I too am a sophomore in high school so it's really encouraging to hear people think this is a good time? I mean, it would be an absolute dreeeaaam come true to have clear skin my junior year! Also I'm so pale people joke that I must be related to the Cullen's! So hearing that it clears up beautifully really excites me! I'm so scared for the IB :/ hearing I will get worse skin is obviously off-putting! I would love to hear your progress :) please keep posting! Hope your headaches calm down :) if I get some I'll let you know :)

Livi xxx

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Thanks for the responses and encouragement! I wish everyone luck on their courses as well. It's good to know that there's a sophomore like me on here AND a fellow redhead rolleyes.gif That's two factors that affect the process a lot, so at least I know I'm not the only one that's a little younger than most accutane users or with extremely fair skin. And for the headaches and nosebleeds, I'm glad that it's a normal side effect because headache and nosebleed combinations always worry me. Anyway, I was considering trying the vaseline, but I heard if you use too much it can build up in your lungs and give you a cough?

day 11

There's been a few changes in my skin and with side effects. I got another nose bleed yesterday, and it was right as i got in the car when my sister picked me up from school. Thankfully I had a paper towel in my pocket and pinched my nose as hard as I could right away, so it stopped after about 10 minutes. I don't really know how bad it was because i grabbed it so quickly that the blood didn't really have a chance to come out. I think it was a little less violent than the one yesterday. As for my skin, i woke up yesterday with the two biggest pimples i've ever had; a huge under the skin one on my chin bone, and another right next to the bridge of my nose. I covered them pretty well, enough where it wasn't that bad. But this morning i woke up and the one on my chin was much smaller. I was thinking about it and I figure that with the breakouts, it makes everything under your skin come up obviously. But the places where I already had bad acne, like my forehead, has only been getting better and not worse. My sister even commented this morning the my face, mostly my forehead, looked clearer. I guess if you already have bad acne it can't really get worse, only better. So i'm getting the acne that i've never gotten before that was hiding under my skin, and the ones I already had are slowly drying up/fading. I also noticed my skin is itchy, mainly my arms and legs. I put moisturizer, some neutrogina(spelling?) oil free spf15 stuff on my arms and legs, and it helped. My legs also stung a little when i was shaving them, does that happen to anyone else? It wasn't bad or anything, just kind of dry and irritated. My face is slightly dry in some places so I guess I'll put some moisturizer on. Yesterday when i went to school i forgot my aquaphor and my lips were dry all day. It wasn't too bad, but when i got home i put a lot on and then realized i had a tube of aquaphor in my backpack all along huh.png I have to put it on about once an hour, maybe every two or three. How often does everyone else put lip stuff on? As for the headaches and eyes, not bad. My eyes have been okay so I'm praying I won't need to wear glasses too much but I also heard it takes a few weeks before your eyes begin to get irritated. My back and shoulders and chest have saw no improvement but haven't really gotten worse either. Maybe because they're never exposed to the sun or anything? I was hoping it'd clear up at least a little by the time i got out of school (May 30th), so i at least could wear tank tops and v necks and stuff. But I guess I'll just have to take what I get and take pride in the slight clearness on my forehead/cheeks. I suppose i'll write again when there's a change, and maybe put up my before picture(s) and one of now with the slight changes.

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