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My weird mild-ish acne

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hey everyone, i seem to get acne sproadically and theyre usually cysts or nodules (the big ones). I guess i can consider myself lucky i dont get clusters of acne, but i get a lot of random acne in my T-zone area. like right now i have 3 BIG pimples-cysts and nodules-on my cheek and forehead. when i go out i do see people with acne, but usually they have lots of little ones or lots of big ones. i seldom see people with 2 or 3 cysts, which is what i usually have. does anyone else have acne like this? is this most likely hormonal?

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Yes! Mine is like this, and I have been thinking the same thing as you. I dont know if mine are cysts (cuz the description on this site makes out like they are VERY bad, and deep and last months). Mine do last weeks though, especially if i dont get that gunk out of them.

My acne used to be on my fore head, when i was younger, which quinoderm got rid of. Then it came back pretty bad when i was about 18, on my cheek areas, which eventually antibiotics got rid of. Now, I have them on my chin (which is supposed to be hormonal) , round my mouth area and jawline (which is supposed to be stress related). Antibiotics and various prescribed topical applications have been unsuccesful, so now i'm on the regimen, which is mildly successful so far but i'm only about 6 weeks in.

The biggest problem i find with this type of acne is that to get rid of the spots you have to apply the BP gel to the whole area, which results in really dry patches around the large spots, which leads to more spots cuz the skin reacts by producing more oil to compensate. do you get this annoying problem??

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i had this type in my younger years, just make sure to wash those thing's and drain them, overall just keep the surrounding area CLEAR or it can turn into a much bigger problem... the onset is easy to controll imo but what happen's to unattended minor acne :-\ its a ugly story.

No one start's out with 109283190823 pimples

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