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Over-The-Counter / Non-Medicated Treatment Regime

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First of all, I am not a doctor or work in the medical trade. However, I'm currently studying my Master's degree in Chemistry. I have had moderate to severe back, and light chest acne for about 4 years. I have not tried prescription treatments, however, this regime has seemed to work for me as of late. This has taken some time to write so please take the time to read.

Shopping list:

Imperial Lather Soap (4) = £1.69

Aquafresh = £1.09

Lynx Recover Shower Gel = £2.40

Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree Shower Gel = £2.20

Bepanthen Ointment = £5.00

Total = £12.38

NOTE: Make sure all products are washed off before moving to the next step.

Step 1) Take the soap bar and thoroughly clean the skin. Why? Traditional soaps are emulsifiers and are usually alkaline from manufacturing. The soap will easily remove sebum on the skin containing bacteria and is a general disinfectant. The problem is the human body will respond to the drying out of the skin and will ultimately produce more as a response. This is why the next steps are necessary.

Step 2) Squeeze about an inch of toothpaste into hand, dilute and rub onto affected areas, leave for ~5 minutes and wash thoroughly with water, skin should feel very dry. Why? Skin on the back is much thicker than on the face which makes acne harder to treat topically, fluoride toothpaste is alkaline, causes mild burns on skin (hence why diluted) and is also generally anti-bacterial. This will help "damage", "damage" used loosely as only superficial damage will be done, the skin. This makes the next steps more effective and will also help kill bacteria within pusy nodules.

Step 3) Using a shower pouf or other (preferably a bit abrasive) wash and scrub the affected areas with Lynx Recover Shower Gel. Why? This shower gel contains magnesium peroxide (MgO2) which has a risk statement of 34 - can cause burns. In this low a concentration it will not damage the skin, but will help remove dead skin cells from the surface with the scrubbing, meaning that step 4 can is more effective.

Step 4) Same as step 3 but with the Original Source Lemon and Tea Tree shower gel. Why? Tea tree oil has been known to treat acne and is also a natural anti-bacterial agent. The lemon extracts are weakly acidic and will help balance the pH of the skin from alkali treatment of steps 1 and 2 and will also help kill bacteria within pusy nodules. After this step the skin should feel fairly dry and also there should be a tingly-cooling sensation.

Step 5) Finally, apply the Bepanthen ointment to the affected areas once the skin has dried. Why? Bepanthen ointment is a moisturiser, emollient and provitamin of B5 which has been linked with reducing acne through oral ingestion. Anything containing "panthenol" will work as this the active ingredient, an alcohol analogue of vitamin B5. The ointment also leaves a protective oily film on the skin, rehydrates and helps the skin to heal, finalising this regime.

Please feel free to comment, and I look forward to feedback.

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