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Hey guys!

First of all - apologies, since I'm a newby on this board and I've spent the last couple of hours gratefully reading all the usefull information up here. :D

Nevertheless, I hope, anybody could help me a little with my annoying skin issues since I'm still not quite sure, how to handle it.

I hope, I catched the right board for this:

.) my skin tends to be oily: a lot of clocked pores, comedones, black- and whiteheads and now and then 1-2 HUGE pimples per month.

.) however: my second problem is, that I have a light form of couperose (no rosacea!), meaning all those nasty little red veins shimmering thorugh my (very light) skin, especially on my nose and a little on my cheeks and below the eyes.

.) skin is rather sensitive

So I guess you already see my problem. :( All the acne-treatment is far too aggressiv for me. I tried Diacneal and I've been very happy with the results for about 6 months and then my doctor diagnosed couperose and told me not to use any glycerol or other fruit acids since they boost the blood circulation far too much. Same for most sort of mechanical peelings.

So I don't quite know what to do to get rid of all the stuff that's stuck under my skin - is there any gentle way to exfoliate, does anyone have the same issues maybe and could give me a hint?

I also took a look in Dan's regiment here, but I think it would be too much for me, also, because I just have 1-2 "real zits" per months, all the rest is just - some of them which are inflamed - comedones.

Or would Salicyl-acid be an option? I read about Paula's choice BHA things - but I'm just very insecure on what to do and try right now, since I do not want to stress my skin too much.

I'd definitely read the boards even more and do some other research on the net, but I just thought, that there might be someone out there, who could get me a little hint on where to get started. :)

Also, I'm based in Europe, in case that matters... so sorry for the language issues :P and I'm using La Roche Posay right now with this as a cleanser: http://www.laroche-posay.us/_us/_en/consumer/catalog/ByType/Sensitive/toleriane-dermo-cleanser.htm and this as a moisturizer http://www.laroche-posay.us/_us/_en/consumer/catalog/ByType/Sensitive/toleriane-facial-fluid.htm

Thought, I couldn't do much wrong with this while I start go gather more information -however, can't tell anything about the effects yet, since I just started about... a couple of hours ago. :) I can also upload a pic, if that is of any help at all.

Thx in advance!

sorry, just to clear things up - I'm not looking for advice on the couperose thing. I know, that there is nothing really you can do about it and it's okay, it doesn't bother me too much, it's the price you gotta pay for being white as a corpse :P - I just want to get a hand on my acne-situation without making the couperose worse or let's say... with taking my other skin-problem into consideration.

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With couperose you really should stay with a very gentle skin routine - in my opinion. Everything that is just too aggressiv is just going to damage your skin layer. I am not sure about the BHA though. But I would stay away from AHA.

Have you ever tried a clay mask? I would think that it is not as aggressiv as i.e. scrubs. It just wonderfully get rid of the stuff in your pores but at the same time is very drying - you might wanna use it with some oil. Like Jojoba oil. Some people btw say that Jojoba oil declogged their pores (after the purging period) - if you do not already now that you might wanna read about it, there are quiet a few information.

Thats what were my weapons against clogged pores which actually helped (but my skin is still terribly blogged due to the use of way to aggressive products my whole life).

Larissah =)

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You know, what I've found with couperose and rosacea is that you are fighting a losing battle. All the precautions you take cannot take away your veins, nor can they significantly prevent them.

Here is something interesting though: retinoids thicken your skin and can actually strengthen some of the mechanisms related to your capillaries. Although while on retinoids your skin will temporarily look redder (everyone's does), after a significant treatment time you will find that your skin is less sensitive. I have had bad flushing and blushing and broken capillaries all my life (you can see it in my childhood pictures). I have been on retinoids for close to 5 years now, though. My skin is much less sensitive.

I had one IPL done before I started retinoids, and it cleared up some of my veins. I didn't do anymore because my acne was still active and I wanted to clear that up first. I finally found a treatment that is working for me, so after my acne is 100% clear I plan to do a few more IPL sessions to zap the rest of my dysfunctional capillaries.

This is my regimen:

100mg spironolactone a day (hormonal treatment for my acne cysts)

Oil cleansing method to wash my face at night only (75% jojoba oil/25% castor oil)

2% salicylic acid leave-on cream, applied in the morning every few days (helps keep my pores clear)

Retin A Micro .04% applied every night (fixing my dysfunctional skin cells)

10,000 IU vitamin D-3 a day (supplementing because with daily sunscreen I'm not getting enough vitamin D production naturally)

I don't really cleanse my face in the morning, I just splash it with water and wipe it down with a washcloth.

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