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Question About Gluten Free Diet

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Hello smile.png

Okay so I eat a very healthy diet. Lots of vegetables, no sugars or dairy or fast food or junk food or white flour. However, I simply can't fathom the idea of going off of grains/gluten/starches. But, I want to try it, although I have a few questions...

First off, is it just gluten that's bad? Or are all grains bad? Like oatmeal is gluten free, but I noticed that a lot of people won't eat it because it's in the grain family. Also, there's gluten free bread and stuff, but I'm not sure if that'd be okay to eat. So if I'm going to try this I want to do it right, so what exactly is it that I should stay away from?

Secondly, if I'm cutting out all these grains and carbs, what the blazes do I eat to get full? I don't exactly look forward to eating only vegetables and slabs of meat for the rest of my life. Is there any type of bread-like-food that is okay for acne sufferers?

I mean, it seems like every meal is supplemented with some type of grain food. For breakfast, you want toast with your scrambled eggs, for lunch you need bread for your sandwich, for dinner you need rice to go with your stir-fry... You know what I'm saying?

Any advice would be appreciated smile.png

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Oatmeal isn't gluten free! That was a mistake I made a lot in the beginning. Very, very few sources of oats in America are gluten free. If it says so on the package you're okay, but if it doesn't specifically say, it contains gluten!

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A lot of people don't eat grains because they really aren't that healthy and you are better off not filling yourself up on empty and near empty calories.

And anything that's a seed is high in lectins and other antinutrients to protect the seed so it can grow into a plant. Some of them are worse than others. I've found articles and studies that state that wheat/gluten, kidney beans, peanuts and soy have all been found to damage and permeate your intestinal linings. Many other seeds are lower in and/or have less harmful lectins. And nutrients in other foods bind up lectins, but for some lectins what binds them is extremely easy and common to get in your diet, but with others, it's less common. Most are destroyed via soaking, sprouting, fermenting and cooking so it's possible to greatly reduce the lectin content, but some are particularly difficult to destroy.

How bad seeds are for you depends on how sensitive you are, the state of your digestive tract, and what else you eat

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