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Ok Calling a derm and its like I cannot get a "check up" until next month! What if I have a cyst and want them to look at it and possibly shoot some corti in it? I have to wait that long? Is it that booked? And they ask me for insurance...I dont have insurance. Only for my car! I can afford to suddenly go get some for the derm.

What to do? :lol:

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Thats messed up really...I mean imagine I book and in 5 months I dont need to go anymore! Imagine then I cancel it and ppl who couldve gone in my place were pushed back cuz of me, when they need it more ! :lol:

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Request that you see your regular doctor. Without insurance this will cost money. They are not a skin specialist, but they can prescribe certain treatments that may help as you wait for your derm appointment. Another thing, your looking at about $100-$150 for a derm visit depending on the clinic. Drugs cost a lot without insurance as well.

You didn't post your age, but if your a teen or early twenties you have options for insurance. I'd check with your parents first, sometimes there employer covers you if your a student or work full time. Otherwise try and get a full time job with good health insurance. Or if your really desperate acquire citizenship in Canada, there health care is free :wink:

Good luck,


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