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What exactly does kambucha benefit, is it good for acne sufferers?

I am looking into probiotics antioxidants ect and this keeps popping up.

It looks kine of gross but if it helps Im willing to try. I know you can make your own but Id like to try the commercial brand first if anybody can make suggestions.

However I saw it also has yeast involved so maybe NOT good for candida problems? Eh I need help on this one :-)

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It tastes great and always gives me energy. I buy the GT's brand in the store, but it's way too expensive. It is yeasty though, so I would be wary. Milk and water kefir are IMO way better for you in terms of bacteria but water kefir was yeasty too in my experience

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No no you guys are little confused.

Theres 2 kinds of yeasts. Pathogen and Apathogen. Pathogen is the harmful one that is responsible for candida and could cause acne. Apathogen is the harmless one that we must need in order to digest and absorb, and it plays a huge role in our immune system. If there's an imbalance of those 2 yeasts in our gut, we have a immune problem.

Kombucha and Kefir contain the good bacteria also known as "Probiotics" and are essential for you to absorb nutrients and Essential Fatty acids. Due to too much consumption of sugar, our bad bacteria starts growing, it grows and grows. Even then when you stop eating much sugar it is still hard to get rid of the bad bacterias because there's already an imbalance.

So that's when Kefir and Kombucha comes in. Not only do they help recolonize the good bacterias in our gut, but they also kill the bad ones too. So just quiting sugar won't do much.

Unlike Yogurt, Kefir has what's called "enviroment" it creates a stable place and home in our gut for the good bacterias to sit and grow, and there's a lot less additives which makes KEFIR a lot more healthier than yogurt.

Kombucha is like kefir except made from kombucha mushrooms, or it's without the milk.

Both are very healthy for you, I know its very expensive which is why it's lot better if you can make them at home. Order Kefir Grains or Kombucha Cultures online (they can't be found in local stores very rare).

Then make them yourself, you could find online instructions on how to make them.

If you are lactose intolerant, you shouldn't worry because Kefir is nearly 100% lactose free because the cultures eat away the sugar creating that sour stick taste, making it lot easier to digest.

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Since I started drinking this and limited my fruit intake as well as other sugar intake, my face got lot clear. No more breakouts!

If you broke out once you started drinking it, you could be allergic or it could be just an initial breakout. Drink it well enough for 2 weeks.

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