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Hello - Please read this, I know it's long but please I would appreciate it with some help.

I have acne. I have mild acne. That includes acne on the cheeks and sometime I get it on my forehead too. My face is very oily. I have been doing a treatment now for 3 month that is Vibradox and epiduo.

I have for 3 month tried 2 different medications. I started with Vibradox and Epiduo. After a little over 2 month I started seeing an improvement. The redmarks got smaller and got less pimples and more flat/smooth skin. But since it soon is summer I decided to switch to Hexabotin because you could drink milk with it and get sun, but after a week into the usage of Hexabotin I started breaking out with 4-6 pimples and my skin was very dry, so I decided to go back to Vibradox again.

I do still have all my cheeks filled with redmarks(but they are dissappearing), active acne(on the cheeks closest to my nose and mouth now). I have about averagely 2 pimples everyday but they occur mostly the same place.

Since I am a teenage boy in the 17 year old, I do pick my pimples which is propebly also the cause I really got bad acne, I am picking the pimples with a needle and then I squeeze the rest out.

I am sure this is hormones and genetics since my mother as a teenager have had acne also actually worse.

I started getting pimples/acne at the age of 14, and I only had it on my forehead but was never bad, since they rarely came to head and if they did I could just pop it and it would dissapear and never come back. When I then became 15 years old my back got attacked by back acne, and I mean a lot of acne my whole back was filled with it and I also got a few pimples on my cheeks, so I went to a dermatoligist and told to start using Tetracycline and Clindoxyl. After doing that treatment for 3-4 month my whole back became clear and also my chin became clearer but not as much as the back acne.

When I started getting acne again in December 2011 I started using Clindoxyl and Tetracycline in the hope it would work but after a month it just became worse and worse. So I decided to give Basiron a try but that didn't really help either.

Then I decided to go to a dermatologist and he told me to do Accutane but I was against it and instead he said then use Epiduo and Vibra dox(Doxycycline) and my face now 3 month later is a lot better than before.

It used to be nearly moderate acne and now I am happy to say its just mild and the red marks are disappearing and that a lot of the places on my cheek there aren't any more active acne and I only get about 1-3 everyday instead of 4-8 everyday. What still bothers me though is that I can in school time get a white pimple (in a few hours) and that makes me paranoid because I don't wanna be seen with white pimples. My forehead is now clean but it comes and goes, right now there is no activity in my forehead but it comes and goes. My cheeks also changes, some days I have 0 pimples when I wake up and gets one through the day and some day I wake up with 2 and have 2 more through the day. The places I get the pimples are places that are inflammed and are active acne(On my cheeks closest to my mouth and nose).

So to sum it all up, I now have pretty flat skin and the pimples I get are small. 1-3 a day. I have a very oily face.

Enough talking this is what I do everyday:

Morning: Matas Facewash(Danish Product) - (Ingredients: Aqua, Alcohol (denatured with denatonium Bezoate), Glycerin, Niacinamide, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Salicylic Acid, Bisabolol, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Gluconate, Denatonium Bezoate, Sodium Hydroxide, Cl 42090. and have a pH of 4,0.

I use these round tissues like girl uses with makeup or toilet paper and then I am scrubbing and tapping on the acne area. I tap on the places with the paper with facewash because I have heard it gives a better result because it will get into the pores.

Midnoon: 1x 100mg Vibradox (Doxycycline)

Night(Before bedtime):

A warm shower where I use a cleanser called Lactacyd,

I also change my pillow sheet every week and I avoid milk products, fastfood and instead eat a lot of fruits like strawberries, apples etc.

What to do? I am lost.

I have also gotten a pack filled with all the products Effaclar. With exfoliating cleanser, normal cleanser and a moisturizer, but I don't know if its better than what I do already.

Help me, is there anything I do wrong in the regimen that might still give me pimples at day and when I sleep? Since I am 3 month into the treatmeant (Vibradox, epiduo) - How long in the treatment will I stop getting pimples everyday, you believe?

Sorry for the long post and sorry if I am repeating myself and sorry if there are grammar problems (I am from Denmark).

Hope I will recieve some help, I would appreciate it.

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How much sunlight are you getting? If you are consistently vitamin D-3 deprived your skin will never be able to heal permanently. You need about an hour of sun exposure a day or to supplement with 10,000 IU of vitamin D-3.

When my husband lived in northern Europe, his acne was much worse because it was always overcast.

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I see, I am already eating Vitamin D, I do that with the Vibradox aswell as Fish Oil (Eye Q)

Since there is not much sun at the moment I am eating Vitamin D and have done for 2 weeks now. :-)

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