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Help Me.. It Doesn't Even Get Rid Of Face Oil..

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I've been on accutane for a month and a week.

Yeah, some might say "you can't complain with only a month or so".

But it's not about whether it works for acne or not, but about face oil.

Even if some people say accutane doesn't work for them,

they always say that it reduces face oil dramatically(Almost or completely gone actually) at least.

But it doesn't work for me.

At first, it seemed and did work for reducing face oil well, because I couldn't feel oily but pretty dry on my body.

But it only lasted for about first 3weeks and it was suddenly done.

My skin started to produce oil again no matter how i bumped the amount,

although i should say it reduces the amount oil to some extent.

So my question is.. should I keep on?

I mean, if it reduces oil well at least, then i can expect the following acne-reducing effect,

but if i can't expect it to get rid of oil, then how can i expect it to get rid of acne?

Initial breakout happened also and has gone almost.

And now my skin doesn't change to the left or to the right compared to the first condition.

is there anyone who overcomes this miserable stage or experiences it?

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You think it would be wise to stop the treatment, now that after 5 weeks your results are disappointing?

Maybe you were expecting quick improvement, but as you know, progress is different for everyone.

Hold your head high and stick with it.

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Guest *Spiro*

Maybe talk to your dermatologist and ask for a higher dose. Peoples progress on this medication is really different. There is a reason we are on it for 6 months, its things were better a month in that would be awesome though. Stick it out

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