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What Helped Reduce My Cysts Drastically

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Not that this will help everyone, but just wanna share what helped me...

In regards to cystic acne, no matter what my diet was like, I would get cysts on my neck, shoulders and back.

It wasn't until I started taking Optizinc 30mg caps twice a day that the cysts virtually dissapeared (although not acne altogether). It made a difference practically overnight.

Then I introduced Maca into my daily routine...1/2 teaspoon in the morning upon waking and 1/2 teaspoon in the evening. It has seemed to help regulate my hormones somewhat. I still get acne on these problem areas but it is significantly less and heals quicker. I use the NOW brand of Maca powder (and no, I am not connected to this brand, I'm sure other high-quality Maca products will work the same). I stumbled upon its acne-benefits on accident cause I started taking it to improve my muscle-building workouts.

I should also add that at around the same time of the Maca, I stopped using soap on my problem areas when showering and only use water (soap for all the rest of my body). Also, I started concentrating on not drinking significant amounts of water/beverage when eating. I usually will wait a minimum of 20-30 minutes after drinking to eat (for the liquid to exit the stomach). After eating, I wait a minimum of an hour to have anything to drink again. I had heard this has helped some people, but I am unsure exactly if it helps me or if its the Zinc and Maca.

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