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Going To The Dermatologist In 3 Weeks, Question

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I am currently 22, I've had acne since age 12. I went to a dermatologist when I was 14 because my acne worsened and was first prescribed antibiotics (which didn't work) and then accutane. The accutane cleared me up for about 6-10mons and then my acne returned (not as bad as before but still about moderate) and I didn't go back. I finally made another appointment with a dermaologist after suffering all these years.

The problem is that I really don't want to go on any oral antibiotics (for multiple reasons). I know that is usually the first thing a dermaologist prescribes but I am into bodybuilding (natural, no drugs) and I know antibitoics mess with protein assumption, I like getting tattoo'ed, and antibioitcs never worked (even the slighest) for me before. Is there any oral medications that dermatologist can prescribe other than antibiotics (and Accutane)? And what are your thoughts on what I should ask for and what I'll probably get?


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Probably not no thoughts, but no opinion that would be useful to you. smile.png

Taking a quick look at some websites just to check it seems the most common and widely prescribed oral treatments as you've said are antibiotic, hormonal and retinoids. I personally too have never heard of anyone being on anything but these types.

Shamefully had to look at synonyms of assumption other than the usual meaning! Could you look at different types of natural protein intake or different amounts so you remain stable in your routine while still taking antibiotics? Maybe look into speaking to a dietician or other bodybuilding type expert? Sorry if this was no help at all not my area of expertise! But changing things for a little while might be worth it until you're entirely happy with the acne situation?

I'm 22 as well with a return of acne problems, so I totally undertand. It certainly sucks, chin up.

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