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Second Week Its Horrible ((Quit Now At 1 Month))

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Day 27

I love love love my new moisturiser ! Gosh ! I should have changed it a month ago !

my face is super super soft right now, no more dryness !

Please guys, if you are having problem with dryness, peeling skin, go and get the cetaphil daily advance for dry to very dry skin!

It works wonder! Since my face isn't too dry my acnes gets better too !

I'm gonna use dan's one for my body (or foot care (;T_T;) sorry Dan, i can't take the dryness any more I;ve been looking like a piece of shit for a month lol )

I lived in New Zealand and I didn't know that we sell cetaphil here, otherwise, i would get it long ago = D

So my face today, as i said , not dry , no new acnes, pimples around my lips are gone as well.


Hey Sila

I think moisturiser is necessary for the regimen, because the bp is too strong and it dry out our skin so I think we need it =D

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Thanks a lot guys !

Eunhye, I know on the first week It felt so good ! all the ones i had before the regimen got so much better during my first week, but all the sudden my face just broke out like hell haha. Yeah its been almost a month and my face looks so much worst than before the regimen, however, these couple days I have been reading other's log, and I found that most ppl with success stories tend to have pretty rough experiences thru out their first 2 months so i'm gonna keep my faith on this regimen for at least 3 months and see how it react to my skin =)

Thanks Kairasa, I have been reading your log, seems like you have been there before so i bet you know exactly how i feel = ) I just hope my skin get clear like yours in this short this coming days =D hehe.

If you go out to the logs list, you can see my post from yesterday-- it has pictures that prove my story. I have been grieving with you over your posts-- I COMPLETELY REMEMBER what you are going through. I have extremely sensitive skin as well, and I remember how much the BP bothered me at first etc, but now if I don't use BP my skin feels gross lol (i only use about a dime every night and morning now that I am clear). Even sensitive skin will adjust to this stuff, but it takes patience. I also think it is good that you tried the product on the rest of your face because if you use this stuff consistently for a long time, it was going to come into contact with your chin and forehead eventually anyways and you would have been upset you broke out because of it. Now your whole face will be adjusted to the BP and that's good. It took me three months to get clear, I am now on month eight and have no (NO!) acne at all for the first time since I was eleven. I was just in Hawaii on vacation for two weeks and never once put on makeup, do you know how crazy that is?? You can do this!!! Freak out, cry, pour your soul out on here, ask questions etc, but please don't stop. It breaks my heart when I see people on this site say they are giving up because of the initial outbreaks and dryness.

THIS IS WORTH IT-- YOU ARE WORTH IT {{hugs}} ps tell your boyfriend to stop telling you you have wrinkles, pfft. That's not nice.

Day 26

I'm sooo stupid that i hv been using dan's moisturiser for a month !

With my new moisturiser "Cetaphil Daily Advance hydrating Lotion - for dry to very dry skin) my skin is not at all dry today

i have only been using it twice since i bought it and all my flaky dead skin are gone ! I only applied with pea amount ! (unlike dan's which i have to put 2 -3 bumps! ) Also I applied my foundation today, and i looked flawless !! I love it !

I should have listened to my bf when he told me to buy new moisturiser ! Dan's one is such a waste of space ! probably that's the

reason i keep on breaking out ! because my face was too dry ! Guys if you are reading this before you purchased the kit, i highly recommend you not to buy dan's moisturiser, his cleanser and bp are great but not the moisturiser, unless you are rich and you

want to buy jojoba from him as well =D

Anyway! my skin is still the same, no new pimple today but the old one still here as well

PS, I use Dan's moisturizer and its the only one that I don't break out with lol. I used cetaphil when I ran out of Dan's in the first few months, and that was the only time I broke out again. HOWEVER, everyone is different. I am so glad you found what works, but others may benefit from it. Cetaphil is trustworthy, but a lot of products have nasty junk in them.

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Hey abduffin !!

Thanks for stopping by, wow i never know that someone's following my log oompf.gif its feels great knowing that thou hehe

8 months ??? WOW! you have come a lonnnnngggg way ! I'm so envy you, I hope one day soon i will wake up with a clear face too

^___^ , btw When exactly did you start to get less acne and see the improvement?

I agree with you that everyone has such different skin type and what works for me might not works for others =P

haha don't worry i won't quit ! I would be disappointing in myself if i quit now because i have come a long way, I have never struck on something this long- usually when something broke me out i just quit right away. I want to believe that the acne.org product works just got to be a little more patient =D >>Hugggs back<<

Okay, Time for a little skin update !

Day 28.

So! , since i'v been using cetaphil, my skin is way better and i have noticed some changes and improvement on my face already!

Even today my bf told me that my skin looks great ! not dry at all and my acnes are healing + my scars are fading too ! However ! I'm expecting more breakouts, cuz most ppl tend to get second round breakout before they got really clear and i know that i won't be an exception T_T;

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Day 29

My face is like a roller-coaster going up and down, and today is the down side =(

"New acne on my right cheek.." = (

hope its gonna get better soon

Oh i got a final test tmr ! gonna study now !

Edited by Ammy
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DAy 30

Today i applied 1 finger bp, and i couldn't handle the thickness and couldn't wait for it to get dry cause i was late for my class so washed my face i didn't put anything on my face til now T_T; One good thing is, my bf said my skin looks much better today, but i didn't really feel that ...I think my skin might look better than it actually is, there are heaps of invisible spots under my skin.

SO ! today is about one month since I started, i didn't see much improvement at all, in fact, it looks much worst than before i started, but its better than 2 weeks ago... at least its not very dry anymore..(my face was at the worst point 2 weeks ago) ...I hope it will get better on my 2 nd month, my old friend which i haven't seen in year is coming to visit me next month, if my face's still this horrible, I seriously don't want to see him.. but damn it, my room mate invited him over to stay at our place for a week ! sigh... he probably gonna say somethi bad about my skin = ( , whenever, i ran into old friends I get so depress, and losing my self esteem, I don't know why everyone had to pick it up even if they know its not nice to ask someone, what happened to their face ,! ( espeiclally my korean friends)

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Day 31

Bad day = (

New pimples Around my jaw line !

31 days already , am i still purging ? =_=; Unlikely .. sigh.. strongsad.gif

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Day 32

The monsters around my jawline got bigger today, so i popped them -_-;. Today i spent an hour reading some old logs from this website, and i found that my progress is pretty much similar to those members whose DKR regimen (eventually) didn't workout on them. I'm starting to concern that may be its really not going to work on me. SInce i started the regimen, I haven't been better yet, my progress is more like 5 days going backward, and 2 days didn't go anywhere..seriously I don't see any progress, I'v have taken some photo of myself at the start of this regimen and I don't even dare to look at them, i'm afraid that i will find out that my face was much better than now and its gonna discourage me.

I'm giving this regimen another 2 weeks to go.., If i don't see any good progress by 2 weeks, I am definitely gonna quit. Its sucking a life out of me, every morning / night i spent at least 1 hour in the bathroom washing my face, applying bp, wait for it to get dry applying moisturiser, applying make up and turned out I look like crap. Some day, i look too bad with make up i had to wash my face and start the routine all over again.

Life is so freaking unfair, i don't drink, i don't smoke, i never stay up overnight for some stupid-ass online games, but my skin is way worst than all of my friends who never sleep at night (playing games, party around), drinking beer instead of water , never take shower for week (+ dont wash their face and hair ((e.g. my room mate)), have to smoke every 30 mins (ok, its my room mate again), What da hell is going on ? Why me GOd?

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Sorry to disappoint guys, but I can't really wait for another 2 weeks to see the progress, I looked at myself in the mirror just now and I have never seen myself this ugly in my life, My acne is the worst it has ever been. at the start of the regimen i had like 8-9 red marked on my face, just now i counted. its over 20 +, not to mentioned that i have 7-8 actives on my face, Every time it comes up like a double or triple (also the type of acne is more aggressive than the one i used to have, its very big, deep and painful ) That's it ! I can't take it anymore. For all of you who have already seen the improvement, I'm truely happy for you. But For myself, its just going down and down, and i can't just keep using it when i see myself become more and more ugly.

SOrry guys, all the best for you.

but I Quit From now on.

I have no new regimen yet.. i will just wash my face with dan's cleanser for while, until my mom send me the stuff i ordered from my derm back in my hometown =)

Good luck guys.

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Don't quit , your only at ONE MONTH , i didn't stop getting active breakouts till 2.5 months so I've only been acne free for 1 week. It gets better. If you quit you have to wait another month for the new products to work.

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Thanks for your kind advise, I'm happy it works for you, but i don't think i will go back to bp,

its not just that it didn't stop breaking me out, but the type of acnes i got after the regimen tend to be more aggressive, its so deep, i have never got the type of acne that left me with deep scar, its only been a month and my face looks very bad, I'm afraid once i got clear i have to deal with the scar. And to be honest, this stuff bleached my clothes, every times i look at my clothes i felt so wrong that i put this harsh chemical on my face, and i don't even know how long i have to use it for, as i have read, most review said that once they stop using bp, the acnes just come back, in some case even worst than they used to have.. this just doesn't seem right to me- if I knew it before i purchased the kit, i would never buy it.

But!! if it works on you now, dont stop !!! Surely you will be clear soon =)

Good luck

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Certainly works for everyone. You additude showed desperation.. Takes time..oh well for you. Hopefully you give your new products more then a Month.. Currently no Acne product helps clear all types of acne in a month. Good luck.

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Thanks Robert,

In fact, that the started of the regimen i wasn't so desperate for clear skin, i know things take time to get better,

but you should have seen my face before and after the regimen and probably you will know why i quit. its been 32 days not even a single day i felt my skin was improving, not improve is okay, but I can't take the fact that its going worst and beyond control. Moreover, i don't feel comfortable using bp for a long term so i think the best decision is to quit. And i'm glad i quit, because my skin is slowly back to normal... the hard bumps under my skin (thanks to the regimen) are getting smaller.. My dryness are completely heal.

the only thing i'm regret is that if i could turn back the time i would do more research about the regimen before i give it a try.

For ppl who are currently on the regimen pls dont be discourage by my posts.


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Just some update about my skin guys,

so after i quit the acne.org regimen I have decided to spent big money on the korean skin care products

and i must say its totally worth it ! Ever since I start using it, my skin has been improving a lot ! (I've been using it for about 2 months I guess?) althou i'm not totally clear, and all the red marks are still visible, I only have 2 actives on my face (for 2 months!) and that 2 actives caused by the acne.org bp !!! Yeah that m*th*r F**k**rs are still here ! i have no idea why they are not going away yet but they got wayyyy smaller !!!

just in case any of you interested the products i'm using called "Rojukiss - A sol) its came with toner, face mask, A serum , lotion and the spot treatment

I also order the additional serum for my pore and for the white heads , in total i spent about $120 on them but they last pretty long (i've been using for 2 months but still got half left), i got them from the korean online store but they don't provide english language so i don't think you guys can read korean, but i'm pretty sure that ebay might sell them too = )

GOOD LUCK GUYS ! ALL the best to everyone !

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