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Emotions Could Really Affect Your Acne!

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Alright so I was reading about this thing called the rice experiment, IDK how many of you have heard of it but basically it's where you cook rice and put an equal amount of rice in two identical jars. You then pick one jar to be the "good" jar and the other to be the "bad" jar. For the good jar, you say something nice like "thank you" and then for the bad jar you say something like "I hate you" or some negative phrase. You do this a few times a day for a month and the good jar will still have nice normal rice in it, while the bad jar with be rotten or look spoiled. This shows that our emotions and feelings can really affect things we concentrate our energy on. So if we thank our skin for clear skin, or think positively about our skin, we can maybe make our skin clearer! And maybe whenever we think about our skin or if we look in the mirror too much and think that our skin is gross, we could be making it worse.

Here are some videos about it:

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Awesome example!

That happens and changes at the molecular quantum level. In other words, our thoughts, our mind, and our words have huge impact on this physical world.

There is only 2 emotions. Love and Fear. Love the highest viberation and Fear being the opposite. Other emotions lie between the range of those 2. For example Jealousy is a mix of fear and love.

Love increases the atomic viberation of all surroundings, fear lowers it down. If your body is always in constant fear, your DNA would be functioning at lot lower frequency, and higher risk of cancer. Your viberations lower as you catch a disease.

This applies to religion, and spirituality as a whole. Even according to Jesus and Buddha, love is the energy of healing. So self-love is important.

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Wow that's crazy! So how do you think we should use this info on our skin? Should we just tell ourselfes that our skin is getting clear and believe it and it will happen? Maybe by telling minds that it WILL happen, then it sends messages to your body and immune system to fight off the acne.

Maybe the power of words can help heal your acne...who knowss but, I will try because it doesn't hurt. Hey I'm gonna start doing this from tommorrow, I'm gonna say in the mirror how b eautiful my skin is even if I don't believe it..but idk what do you think i should be saying to myself? lol

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Have you guys heard of this book/movie called "The Secret"? It's about people who learn how to get what they want through the Law of Attraction (which is basically the same thing in those two videos, you express positive thoughts/emotions and you get positive things back, and vice versa) and I'm sure it can be applied to skin!

Read this


And also, this could be applied to the food you eat. You should still be eating healthy, but if you HAVE to eat something that you know will break you out because you're with friends or family and it's unavoidable, just don't tell yourself that the food will break you out, tell yourself that no food can break you out and that you're fine.

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