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How Is It Getting Worse?

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I have had acne since the start of high school. Originally, it was pretty bad, forming in clusters around my cheeks, sometimes my forehead and upper lip. I NEVER had acne on my arms, back, or chest. After about four to five years, it died down a lot, and my acne became more of an annoyance than a self-esteem killer. Within the past two years (I am now 22), it has gotten bad, and getting progressively worse. And in the past couple of months, the acne on my face has gotten worse, but the acne on my arms is ridiculous! I don't understand why this is happening... isn't acne supposed to lessen as you get older? Am I going to have to suffer through this forever?

I am not sure exactly what I believe when it comes to acne, but I've read a lot of different theories and none of them seem to relate to my situation. It will probably be somewhat long, but I am going to describe everything that seems worth mentioning and may be a factor or indicator of my health/skin. Any help, ideas, etc would be GREATLY appreciated. Here it goes:

Over the past 6 months I have altered my diet a TON. I went from eating processed foods and carbs as a main staple, to damn near perfect paleo (salads, meats, fruits, etc. NO processed foods except maybe once a week). As of two months ago, I have dialed it down a bit, mainly due to finances. Now a usual day for me consists of a glass of naked drink and a nature valley bar for breakfast, a wendy's / burger king chicken apple pecan salad (no dressing / cheese) for lunch, and a baked potato and some kind of meat for dinner (burgers, steak, chicken, etc). I consume no dairy, but I do snack frequently (that consists of a pack or two of ritz crackers). I am a very picky eater, and very poor, so what the food I consume is not much more varied than what I've stated.

I have always and continue to drink water. I do not care for alcohol or carbonated drinks

Recently I have begun having an 8-10oz glass of the Naked drinks. One in morning, one at night.

I have recently (past two months) begun working out three - four days a week. Sessions last about an hour. I also shower within two hours of finishing the workout.

My sleep schedule is generally pretty good, with some variations. asleep by 11 or 12, up by 7-8am most days

I use a light, good moisturizer, wash my face twice a day, and apply spot treatment on larger pimples

If there is anymore information someone needs, please ask, idc what it is about. I am getting really aggervated that my acne is getting worse, and I just want to know how to control it if I can't cure it.

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You have to stop eating foods that increases your blood sugar levels which spikes your insulin. Grains spike your insulin: Oatmeal, cereal, pasta, bread, ect... Strachy foods like potatoes also spike your insulin. Those Ritz crackers you eat are terrible, sorry to say. Snack on healthy foods like fruits (not too much though), nuts, ect. If you can get some protein powder - That will curb sugar cravings.

Other than that, your paleo diet is good.

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