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Why Is Being Out In The Sun Considered So Bad?

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Just wondering why i keep reading about not going outside unless applying/adding sunscreen to your face or moisturizer? With summer right around the corner and my face clearing up the only place i want to be is on the beach soaking up the sun :)

Would it be bad for my acne if i was still doing the regimen twice a day, and going outside tanning?

Also would it be ok to use just any sunscreen lotion ? or is there one specifically that you can recommend for the face?



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Being in the sun has it's benefits. Just not too much. It speeds up aging and can create sun spots. Who wants those? I used to be a sun worshipper and realized just how plainly terrible it is for your skin. Plus it opens up your pores and makes it easier for dirt and oil to clog your pores. A half hour a day is great or if you're wearing a good SPF.

With BP your face will fry if you don't apply sunscreen. And absolutely don't use any old sunscreen lol I like Olay Complete All Day UV moisturizer. Cheap, smells good, makes my face nice and soft without leaving it white and gross. Also noncomedogenic and oil-free. Overall great sunscreen. :)

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If you'll be in the sun, you shouldn't use the bp in the am. I think you can go in the sun as long as your irritation and redness is gone. I spent my summers in the sun at the pool, without spf (this was the 80's and we didn't use it then) and my skin was absolutely fine. But -- my skin was really used to bp and still a bit oily too. Oil protects your skin from the sun a bit. I'm not sure, because I can't find solid info, but I think the warning for avoiding the sun with bp use is because it can cause irritation and flaking, which makes your skin sensitive to the sun.

You can go to the beach so long as you use spf so you don't burn and your skin is used to bp and you no longer have dry, peeling, red, irritated skin.

I don't have any wrinkles from doing that either, but I think most aging is genetics and diet, personally.

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If you aren't out in the sun for at least a half hour a day, you're going to need to do some serious D-3 supplementation. I personally need to supplement about 10,000 IU a day. I teach dance and work an office job so I am indoors all day. When I'm not taking my vitamin D-3 my skin is much worse, my digestion sucks, and I'm irritable.

Sunshine in moderation is good. Prolonged sun exposure will damage your skin. If I'm going to be outdoors more than 30 minutes (beach, playing sports), then I slather on sunscreen.

I think a lot of the ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN comes from people using retin-a and BP which make your skin sensitive to light.

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