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Aha/acne.org Moisturiser/neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil Free?

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Hi guys,

First post for a while, and I need help!

Bit of background: I bought the Acne.org regimen last July, and fell in love with the cleanser and bp, but wasn't so keen on the mosituriser, as I felt it was breaking me out.

So then I bought Aha, and used this every night, and this was the clearest I ve been in a long time, and I was loving it. Btw I was only using the regimen once a day at this point.

But then a month or so into Aha I started to break out more, and I presumed I must be over exfoliating, so tried to experiment with alternating the moisturiser and aha, and my skin just got worse. In the end it got so bad I even tried proactiv and exposed, but by Easter I gave up on them and dug out my old acne.org stuff.

I ve now finally stopped being stubborn, and am doing the regimen twice a day, but after some initial improvement my skin is as bad as its ever been, and I hate the way the moisturiser makes my skin look worse too...

Sorry for the long introduction, my question is, well, what should I do? tongue.png the only mosituriser never to break me out is neutrogena visibly clear oil free, so I just bought this yday, and used this last night and this morning instead of the moisturiser...so I dunno whether to just use this, or still use Aha every day, or maybe Aha less? Any ideas?

Thanks for reading, and any help much appreciated biggrin.png

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