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Finally Stopping Breakouts After 10 Years

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so ive been on a journey trying to stop acne for over 10 years i am 23 now and started to get acne in 7th grade. i have been on accutane 3 times changed my diet completely and used EVERY SINGLE acne kit you can think of and let me tell you most of that stuff is crap. Accutane cleared me for a year or so but acne always came back and the other stuff seemed to work but only for 2 weeks. Lately ive been having really bad breakouts(over 10 inflamed pimples, and other small ones) that i could not control with anything it was getting out of hand and i could not be myself in public anymore.

The first thing i am happy i found and credit this website to is witch hazel. i bought the dickinsons pore perfecting toner and have been using it consistently day and night and it has greatly helped my acne. the only problem was that by itself it did not clear my acne completely i needed a good cleanser but one that did not irritate me. I researched and found Cerave hydrating lotion. At first it seemed to not work too well but i realized you have two use at least 3 pumps of it for it to really work. I have been clear for few weeks breakouts minimized to tiny whiteheads only and my overall skin looks healthier.( with hazel is natural and has a ph balance 5)

So thats all i have been doing 3 pumps of cerave hydrating lotion and witch hazel after with a cotton pad.(not too much or it can dry) I really cant explain how these things cleared me i have been eating foods that i completely stopped because i thought were contributing to acne and i still have not broken out. Also i found to be a big factor is to just be happy, i had acne but so what after a while i was just tired of being depressed over it and just began to enjoy life every second, every nice view you see throughout your day just enjoy it. Stress worsens acne so try not to stress over it ! I know its easier said than done but it will improve your acne. I hope everyone finds their cure i am wit you guys and this website thats why i had to post what helped me maybe it can help you, i hate acne and hope it gets destroyed by everyone. f- u acne.

UPDATE: Sorry guys i forgot to mention i also take probiotics, zinc and vitamin d3. But i have been for a while and was still breaking out it. My acne did not clear until i found those two items i listed above. Good luck guys!

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