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Flakey Skin

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Hi all! wub.png

Well ive been a member on here since 2007? I used the regimen for about 6 months and then i was clear and i am still clear of acne. I stopped using BP after about 7 months and my acne has not come back (sure the odd pimple but thats no bother), i did however need to keep using moisturizer. So for some years now i have not used BP and my skin has been fine untill now all of sudden its very very flakey,tight,red and itchy (mainly my forehead). Ive also noticed that the flakes are a slight yellow color (same color as the moisturizer) is this because im using too much moiturizer and not letting it dry in and or not applying correctly? The only way for me to get rid of the flakes is while im showing use a cloth to wipe them away but this makes my skin red. The flakes are mainly on my forehead and eyebrows but also below my lips and above them. What do i do to get rid of the flakes?

I read a post by FSpider here > http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/315165-acneorg-moisturizer/page__p__3241063__hl__flake#entry3241063

Now i dont eithen use a cleanser anymore and have not for years i just use shower water, should i buy the jojoba and give what FSpider suggested a go?

Thanks all for reading.


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The jojoba oil exfoliating method is alright. I've used it a few times, but its not quite as thorough as the method I currently use (buf puf sponge).

I used a cloth a few times. Terrible idea as I scrubbed too hard, and if I didn't it would not remove the "flakes". I would just use exfoliate using something soft and non-irritating-such as a brush of some sort. It helps get rid of the tightness of the face you feel after a shower and will make your skin/face feel more comfortable.

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