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Yeah so it's been like three weeks since I've been on acne.org because I've just been busy with other things. Anyways, tomorrow will be the end of month five of Accutane for me. Really am disappointed with the results of Accutane 20 weeks in. It's ridiculous how people get 100 % clear in two months but yet, I'm at five months in and there is not one area of my face that is clear. I'm not looking for anyone's pity, I'm just stating this.

My birthday is on May 21st (i'll be 19) and because of that, I am going to be taken off of my Insurance so no more Dermatologist for me (unless I want to pay $200 for a visit and I can't afford that). He prescribed me one more month of Accutane at my last appointment yesterday so I can go the full 6 month treatment. I'm kind of happy to be done with this Dermatologist though because he's not that great of a dermatologist to me. His office is not professional (they lose items/forget things/etc.) and they're very unorganized.

I'm really disappointed with how I don't break out on my cheeks (haven't for the past about 1-2 weeks now; I'm knocking on wood right now so I don't jinx myself) any longer, but the pigmentation (PIH) all over each side of my cheeks don't fade away whatsoever. I've read and have been told that once the breakouts stop on your cheeks, the pigmentation will start to fade away but it hasn't happened for me yet. I feel my cheeks and it feels really smooth and then, when I look in the mirror, it looks the same it always has (the redness and pigmentation, I mean).

One thing I am happy about with Accutane is how it has dried out my skin. My nose used to be ridiculously oily (like I used to could barely touch it and oil would be all over my finger; my nose would radiate because of the oiliness) but now it's dry 95 % of the time. Every now and then, there will be VERY little oil on my nose but I'm not concerned about that.

Anyways, to finish this up, would I recommend Accutane after 5 months? ... No, I wouldn't. To me, it's just been a big waste of time. I think people kind of overhype Accutane as the acne "cure" but it really isn't. I guess I was in the 15% Accutane didn't work for, as Accutane has a 85% success rate. And it makes no sense since it worked for my dad and he got clear in 4 months and here I am at the end of month 5 and I still have acne. Makes absolutely no sense.

But there isn't a cure for acne and probably never will be, which is sad considering how far technology has come.

If you read this, leave a comment please so I know that someone out there is at least seeing this and I know I'm not typing all this for nothing. Thanks.

*UPDATE* - I forgot to mention that I have actually applied for two jobs at Subway and Walgreens. Hopefully, one of those two come through and call me so I can get an interview and land a job. So my confidence, for some unknown reason, has risen enough to where I actually went out and applied for jobs. Crazy.

Oh, and another thing, when I went out in public for the past week (yes, I'm actually going out in public too now), people would look at me (in the eyes) and would just go on about their business as if I didn't have acne all over my face. I never saw anyone scan my face or do a double-take when they saw my face. I still do have anxiety issues, yes, but knowing that people aren't as judgmental as I originally thought does help lower my anxiety.

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Hello! You are right in thinking that accutane is not a cure all for everyone (i did 3 courses and still have acne..) but it is definitely a jump start that hopefully increases the liklihood of you benefitng from other less invasive treatments. As for you PIH marks, those will fade over a matter of months. If you are still breaking out after month 6 - people recommend using retinoids (e: retin a) to help with PIH and keep/clear your pores so you don't get acne as much. It works best right after accutane as accutane is still effective for a while after treatment. Don't get down on yourself though and try to look at positives at well:

Your self confidence has risen and you want to LIVE your life - you deserve that and much more

You respond to people differently and they return the favor (looking at you)

Your skin is not as oily

Your acne has decreased

Just remember that acne is unpredictable and medication works differently for different people. Just let it do its thing and go out and live your life (it is definitely easier said than done but it's worth it)

BTW, every time i go to get down about my skin, i do something i love, call someone i care about or think of someone in a worse off situation - it puts everything in perspective for me

Good Luck with treatment and keep your head up.....you have nothing to be ashamed about

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56 views and only one reply. Unbelievable. Guess I'm done making posts here since obviously no one gives a damn.

Bro chill....we obviously care...we all do. Were on this board for a reason. We all share the same disease and it ruins most of our lives..some have it worse then you and some have it better...just because not alot of people comment dosent mean we dont care...and also most of those people are guests anyway

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