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How I Got Rid Of Acne With Natural Products

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I'm a female in my late 30's. About a year ago I started getting acne mostly along my jawline, but occasionally on my cheeks. The pimples were sometimes small, sometimes larger with pus, usually 2 or 3 active ones at a time, which left my face full of scars with new pimples forming all the time. I have darker olive complexion skin; the scars would be red for a while then turn brown. Since the acne was always in the same general areas, scars would kind of meld together to form larger looking scars. It was horrible.

I tried so many remedies, many I found here. I tried microneedling, I burned my nose with something (I forget now) to where it scabbed up and scarred, I made all kinds of homemade concoctions from recipes I found here and elsewhere, I tried anything I could find that had good reviews, but a lot of the time I suspect they just made my skin even worse. I even tried supplements, but they didn't help. I spent hundreds on products, always researching and reading reviews on what worked for other people and then trying the product myself, but nothing worked. I even bought a Clarisonic and it didn't help much, my face was very clean using it, but it felt somewhat sensitive and irritated after too. I wouldn't be exaggerating to say I tried over 40 products, both mainstream brand names, and lesser known organic or natural products. For some reason I felt more drawn to the natural products. I don't have the healthiest lifestyle so it's not like I was intentionally looking for natural products, but when I used them my skin seemed to respond better and just feel better than with the mainstream products.

At some point I guess I found the magic combination for my skin, and the acne went away. Also my pores are smaller and my scars are pretty much gone; they would have faded with time anyway, but it seems with my regimen the fading is accelerated.

I wanted to share in case it may help anyone out there. I read a lot here before when I was searching for a remedy, and although I didn't find my regimen here I did read quite a bit about natural/organic products that worked for others, so it kind of opened my eyes and got me on that track.

My regimen now is:

no set times to wash my face, I usually just do it in the shower

I use a generous amount of Earth Science Gentle Facial Scrub with a microfiber towel in the shower, not scrubbing hard but making sure to clean my entire face thoroughly, this takes about 2 minutes. Then I rinse my face with hot water for a minute or so making sure all the scrub rinses off.

After my shower or later in the day I use Dickinson's Witch Hazel Daily Toner, applying to my whole face with cotton squares, I like the firm and flat squares used for removing nail polish, the cotton balls didn't work as well for me. I usually use two at a time, I saturate the pads and wipe it on gently but with firm pressure. (I tried a few other brands of witch hazel, but this one works the best for me. I don't know if it is formulated differently or specifically for the face since it is called "toner", but it works great.)

After my face has dried or later in the day I use Avalon Organics Lavender Ultimate Night Cream; I use this whether it is in the day or night, the cream is very rich, it only takes a few tiny dabs on my cheeks, forehead and chin to cover my whole face, and it absorbs into the skin quickly. Even though it is a night cream it would be fine to use in the daytime even under makeup.

If for some reason I do not take a shower, or shower late, I just use the witch hazel to kind of clean my face until later.

So my acne is pretty much gone, I get a small pimple rarely but now they are much smaller and go away quickly even on their own. I thought before maybe my acne problem was hormonal, but I didn't even get one with my last period. My scars have lightened considerably, most are gone, and my face just looks brighter in general. Also, for the longest time (even before the acne) I had teeny tiny bumps on my forehead that you could see in bright sunlight or in a picture taken with a flash. These bumps are pretty much gone now too. My skin feels supple and smooth, and I don't see any oily areas like I used to (nose and chin mostly). These products cost about $30 combined and with average use could probably last over 3 months, so that's great for me too to not be wasting money like I used to on stuff that doesn't work.

I gave away all the products I tried that didn't work, but through all the trial and error I did hang on to some that may come in handy someday.. I have lavender oil and tea tree oil to spot-treat pimples if necessary, although I usually just spot treat them with extra witch hazel. I also have prescription Retin-A but I wouldn't use it unless I got a major breakout, which hasn't happened. And I use organic shea butter to keep my lips soft.

In case my acne had anything to do with allergies or a reaction to chemicals, I switched to laundry detergents that are free of dyes and perfumes (like Tide Free & Clear or similar) and I also use dye/perfume free dryer sheets, or I use a half a cup of white vinegar in the wash instead of a dryer sheet, which seems to work well.

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