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Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Damage

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I used the Acne.org regimen for about a year. I have also been off the regimen for about a year since serious skin irritation and redness took place.

Since then, I've been moisturizing, staying well clear of harsh acne treatments, washing my face with oatmeal and using Indian healing clay, aloe vera gel. Everything that is said to help irritation. Redness is less of an issue than it used to be but my skin tone is horrible and is a mix of orange, red and yellow. Some people say i have a tan. I have wrinkes and fine lines around my eyes and forehead and for everybody saying 'your skin will heal over time' I seriously doubt this and need advice.

No joke the Acne.org regimen ruined my life. I know this sounds like a very exaggerated version of events but I honestly don't know how much longer I can face life at all looking like this. nobody takes me seriously because of how i look and atleast i dont worry about dating anymore- girls stay the frick away from me. Everything that I try to do, whether it be dieting or trying hard at school, i give up on because i think I am going nowhere in life and pff im ugly wtf does it matter.

I honestly wish I could go back in time and tell myself to stay away from BP.

So, sob story over- anybody got any advice or experience on how to heal damaged skin?


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I agree. Benzoyl Peroxide is terrible. Everytime I tried a regimen with BP my face ended up looking worse.

I think i'd rather have acne than a flaky, dry, red, and irritated mess.

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I was just thinking about this - I used copious amounts of BP in the past, and now, years later, my skin gets irritated sooo easily. I break out from everything I put on my face. Also, I'm not sure if there's a connection, but any zit I get turns into a horrible scar (no picking to facilitate this) and lasts for months up to a year. Hyperpigmentation was only something I noticed happening to my face after about a year of BP use.

These side effects could just be a coincidence, but I sure am glad I'm not using that stuff anymore. It made my face white, scaly, dry, and 1-dimensional. I also have seen fine lines and wrinkles pop up in the past few years, and I really shouldn't have them at my age. I have to admit, BP killed my acne... but it also killed my complexion.

The way I've been slowly getting my skin back as normal as I possibly can is by using AHAs (which I believe are in the regimen). They seem to slowly be helping my skin get back it's dimension and elasticity. However, I think that my skin will never go back to the way it should be. Lesson learned... the hard way.

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i agree that its a harsh chemical

but it got rid of my acne

i only used it for a week, my face was acne free, 0 acne.

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