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Needling - Is It Recommended?

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Hey! I've been considering self-needling with some lancets this summer/autumn. I tried to search on this topic quickly here, but found it hard to get any proper information.

Is anyone here doing this? What's the usual protocol, which topicals should you use? What lancet size? What can you expect re: results, does it work on icepick / rolling scars?

I've done this years ago and remember possibly seeing some improvement, but I don't remember which topicals I used anymore. I'm going to have one or more TCA cross sessions done next winter by a doctor, but since very recently getting two more scars after years of not getting any more (cry.gif ), I'm impatient to do something soon and needling sounds like a good option.

Thanks for any replies. :)

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Oh and also, if you would recommend applying copper peptides afterwards - which brand is the best and where to get it? I remember reading that you shouldn't use CPs for longer than about a week or it might disrupt collagen formation, is this correct?

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Is it really a problem to use a diabetic lancet? If the whole point is to break down scar tissue to promote remodeling and collagen synthesis, I don't see how the tip of the needle makes that big a difference, as long as you just puncture the scar enough times. Unless of course bleeding would be a problem. I remember just wiping the blood off after I was done and I would sometimes get a scab, but usually not.

I would think that the needle being sterile is the biggest concern, which would favour buying a large amount of diabetic lancets (which you can get cheaply) and use them just once, rather than buying only five special needles. I hope they don't get blunt like lancets after a few times? But I'll consider ordering those too, if they seem to be that much more effective. I've already ordered diabetic lancets, but I was going to get them anyway to monitor my blood sugar (I'm a bit of a health nerd).

Thanks for the protocol! I'll look into it. I wasn't going to needle more than once every three months to be on the safe side.

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