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My Own Wee Story

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Male, 21 years old,, UK, I will update this, first I apologise for the broken walls of long text!

Yeah so i was a bit of a late developer, was smallest all through school, now 6ft and half, had completely clear skin until I started getting little spots first year uni (18 -19) then it got baddish, had moderate acne first on chin then spread all over except forehead, then I got sunburnt on forehead then i got acne on thier too!

Now I think i tried a few treatments like tablet supplements such as eurythrymycen (sp) then I tried just using nothing at all just water and i think that helped, then I believe using head and shoulders classic clean shampoo on my face helped aswell, ive lost the crustiness from acne, so thats good, I suffer from the odd spot that can raise anyway, had a few big ones, maybe called cysts) that were near dam impossible now they left a dark mark on me.

My main problem now is that I have red marks from acne, and my face just looks red, supposedely this will fade, but i dont think it really has much at all after a long period of time.....anyway I started on the regimen now, got danny boys products and i have a few problems/question

I like the feel of the cleansor when on in the shower however when I get out of the shower my face begins to dry massively, (this is without evening getting to putting on the BP) When it dries i can barely move my face, (like Jordan in scrubs when she has botox done) OK not much of an issue but then I have flakiness particularly the ridge of my nose and eyebrows, also down to my chin and where i shave, Thier anything to prevent this?

then I put the BP on now this doesn't dry the skin much, initially it moisterizes it in fact, then it beds in, then time for moisteriser its self which I hate, feels awful, feels like im putting on to much, proper burns the skin when interacting with the BP (even though obviously the BP has dried in the skin), dunno feels weird the moisterizer doesn't really sink in to much like when smooth it down on my forehead the little white hairs become prominent lol

anyway thought id tell my story so far, will update, been doing the regimen for a few days now, kinda feels like I already getting some positive results already! or maybe im lying to myself who knows, although last night I skipped my regiment for a few hours as i could be bothered washing instead I went to sleep (stupid I know, and big mistake a huge whitehead randomly appeared on the right of my mouth near the cheek with me even feeling one was coming, my own fault but I can learn from that experience.

Another thing I bought some jojoba oil from boots, just in case I need it even though i don't really quite know what its for, but I just felt liek i wanted the materials to kinda start away, does this help with dryness/flakeness?

But one question I really need answering and may sound silly but on the regimen it says am regimen showering) and then at night PM it says through just washing through sink, ha my sink and taps are terrible and I'd rather shower at night aswell as in the morning is it ok to use the regimen both times by using the shower for cleansor rather once, then use the sink PM?

ha not the best at making myself clear, I am an art student so this explains really, hope this helps, any comments, feedback, criticisms will help, cheers!

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As far as the dryness with the cleanser goes, I have heard several people say that they feel like Dan's cleanser is very drying and so they have switched to something else. I just started using it and feel that it is making my face extra dry as well. I started using it after already using the BP for a few days and I was not having that much trouble with flaking etc until I started using his, so I think I'm going to try something else and you might think about doing the same.

Yes the jojoba oil can help with the dryness/flakiness. I haven't used it personally but some people love it. More info here: http://www.danielkern.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=JOJOBA-8

And yes you can definitely do the regimen in the shower two times, no problem.

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