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Hair Product Affecting Skin?

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I am male. I currently use a label.m Matt Paste just to raise/style the front of my hair every morning after shower for the rest of the day.

I have just started the regimen (1 day ago) and want to ensure the best possible results.

My forehead, as it happens, is probably the clearest part of my face.

Is it possible that this product is affecting my acne and what product can I use as an alternative? The thing I like about it is that once it's on my hair you really can't tell I've got any product in my hair based on how it looks or feels, but it holds the air up strongly all day.

I am in the UK, here is a link to the product (which I get a better price for at my hair dresser):


Thanks very much!

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I think it's possible that hair products can affect your skin - I find that the biggest culprit for me is the silicone/wax/oils that's in hair products, and can sometimes break me out. For some others, it's different ingredients and irritants.

Although, I feel that you may never know if a product is breaking you out until you've actually used it for a while.

Personally, if I put a hair product on my hair, I find that as long as I keep my hair away and not touching my facial skin, I won't break out. I hope this may also work for you too.

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If your forehead is clear I think that's a pretty good indication that your styling paste isn't breaking you out. As long as you keep your hair off your face, everything should be fine. It's worse for girls because anything we put in our hair eventually gets on our face because our hair's so long :P But since your a guy, I don't think hair product is a problem. Just be careful to not get any on your face when you're putting it in your hair!

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Thanks for your advice, I'll be really careful not to get it on my face. The only time I can think that it might be a problem is when I'm sleeping (due to changing position I wake up and the front has come down and is touching my skin sometimes), so I think I'll wear a head band or something when I sleep.


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