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Prolonged Red After Fractionated Co2. 6 Months Face Is Still Red?

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Hi all,

I'm new to the forum but I've been lurking around this site since 2 years ago.

Basically, I had severe acne since I was 13yo and had a massive breakout almost 2 years ago (I'm 27 now) leaving me with severe scars as a result. I was put on Accutane regime for 8 months. Thankfully, all acne cleared up with extra scars. I can cope with the scars as long as the acne's not there. Unfortunately, I didn't have this mindset before I did my fraco2.

Back in November 2011, I underwent Fractionated CO2 treatment on both my cheeks & temples (no forehead or mouth/chin area). I guess it was a very intense laser considering my skin condition and the fact that they had to give me oral & injected sedatives prior to surgery. As a result of the laser, the treated area scabbed and peeled off 5 days after, leaving red raw skin for the first month. I was told that the redness will fade away in 6-8 weeks along with typical avoid the sunshine,apply sunscreen, etc drills.

3 months after the surgery, I came back for a follow up. Mind you, my face was still looking like sun-burnt red. I could still see where the laser hit the skin on the treated area. I then raised this concern with the dermatologist and the only advise he gave me was 'VBeam will help'. At this stage, I decided to wait for a few more months and hope it will fade by then.

Now, 6 months after, my face is less red (more like rosacea pinkish) but you can still see the color difference between my forehead (which was not treated with fraco2) and my cheeks. This is more noticeable near the nose/mouth area where the untreated area is yellow (I'm of chinese background) near the nose but exactly next to it the skin is pinkish red from the laser.

I'm a bit concern and confused at this stage.

Should I listen to derm's advise and go for VBeam? Considering the psychological side effect I have to endure for years (I meet clients on a daily basis) from the red-sunburnt fraco2 up to this stage, I'm concern that VBeam will make my face sun-burnt red again which means I will have to go back to endure the redness back from 0.


If I leave it as it is, will the redness fade away in time? Or should I get a second opinion from another dermatologist?

Any of you have experience with this matter?

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Hey, I'm not sure how educated your derm is but here's just one link I found when searching for your situation.


I'd say give your skin time to heal as it seems you got too concentrated of a laser treatment for your skin pigmentation level (skin tone). Good luck to you and god bless.

P.s. always assume your derm/ doctor graduated bottom of his class from an off shore professional school =P better safe than sorry!

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