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Bp Advice--What I Did To Prevent Really Bad Irritation

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Hey guys so I'm on month two and a half of the regimen and extremely pleased with the results... No active pimples at the moment!

I see a lot of posts on here about irritation/redness/flakiness and I want to tell you that these side effects aren't really unavoidable. But there are things you can do to make them minimal.

I had very mild flakiness and that was it. Nothing to complain about. This is because I started off VERY, VERY slowly. This is the key. Only you know your skin and you know how much you can handle. My advice is to start off with a pea-sized amount ONCE A DAY for at least two weeks. Work your way up to the full amount very slowly and cautiously.

Like I said, I'm on month two and a half and I've only begun using the full amount a few days ago, but I still only use a full amount once a day. Sometimes, if I'm having a breakout, I'll use a pea-sized amount in the morning. I wouldn't recommend using a full amount twice a day--this can be extremely overwhelming to most people--especially if you have sensitive skin.

I would recommend this if you want to avoid bad irritation. It might take a little longer for it to work, but you will avoid a ton of unnecessary pain and frustration. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Start slowly yes, thats recommended. But really, quickly or slowly, your skin should ideally get used to BP over time no matter. Am I wrong for thinking this? You may suffer at the beginning weeks but you'll overcome it just the same?

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I started too fast and im on week 8 and still dealing with dryness and crazy flakes! But i do agree the full 2 pumps 2 times a day is still alot for alot of people to handle.

I went down to 1 pump and a half a few days ago so im hoping that helps! If not Ill try your advise of a tiny bit in the morning and at night a full one.

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Yeah your skin should be able to adjust over time--you would just be avoiding a lot of pain by going slowly rather than quickly.

And clearbyjune30, good luck! Don't get discouraged. Keep us updated!

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Soo I really wanna try and reduce my flaking and dryness! I only have 3 active spots near my forehead and everything else is clear and almost mark free! The flaking is really a drag though or else I'd probably be extremely happy!! I've been using aha at night, and I might buy a moisturizer that already has aha in it, and it helps, but I feel the bp always wins! soo starting today I'm gunna go down to alittle more than 1 pump 2 times a day! Huge difference from 2 pumps a day! I'm hoping I can continue to clear up without the extreme dryness and flakes! I can deal with alittle dryness but what I have right now is not fair lol soo I'll keep you updated ;)

To make myself clear, no pun intended lol

Ive been on 2 pumps 2x a day.Clearing but too dry and too many flakes to be happy

I'm now gunna try about 1 pump 2x a day.

hopefully I stay clear and have less dryness

kinda taking a risk! but I need to listen to my skin, and it just can't take 2 pumps right now.

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