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Breaking Down My Diet

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Hey acne.org

I have decided to break down my diet in order to find the food/foods my body can't handle. I actually got a funny or perhaps more sad story to share with you. I went to the doctor one week ago to explain my acne problem. I told her that I was convinched I ate something I was allergic to which she quickly replied: "We don't believe in that." And I was like?!! saywhat.gif Are you kidding me. How can she, as a doctor refuse this, without even blinking. She offered me some pills which I toss right back at her. I said to her that nobody could explain what these pills does to the body and how they work and she agreed with me on this one. I think it's sad that professional doctors who get a ****ing huge paycheck just sweep problems under the blanket by giving pills to patients with acne instead of getting to the root. Sad!!! Teenage acne may be a result of hormones but adult acne is a result of allergies I think.

So I decided to take care of it by myself which sometimes is the best way to get to the bottom of a problem. I'm into bodybuilding which means I follow a diet. Here are the foods I consume on a daily basis:

Oat meal








Nuts (almonds and peanuts)

Sometimes chocolate (dark)


Some people say milk is something you might cut out but in my teenage years I have been drinking a ton of milk which never caused me any problems. Is it possible that I have developed an allergi for milk during the past years? I have been cutting out milk for 2 weeks in a period which made no difference so I don't think dairy is the devil.

Since starting bodybuilding 2 years ago I have added new foods to my diet is primarily the nuts. All the other foods I have consumed my entire life with no problem. So perhaps nuts are the devil. I guees it can only be the peanuts since I've heard that almonds are great for battling acne. Any thought? From today, I will be cutting out nuts to see if it stops my breakouts. I guess I should stop consuming white breads and chocolate as well just in case!

Your thoughts?

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Cut out all the nuts, try cutting out all sugars for atleast 2 weeks as an experiment.

So that leaves you to just vegetables and meat. Instead of milk, drink Kefir which is a lot lot better, as it contains no lactose and it really helps the absorbtion of other nutrients plus the cultures makes it much easier to digest, and its yummy. For breakfast, you could just eat something light and non sugary like a salad and a kefir which really can satisfy you.

Limit potatoes and rice until your acne clears up also don't eat raisins, it's high in sugar.

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Try getting rid of the grains for awhile. That is a pretty heavy grain diet which isn't a good idea for someone struggling with skin problems. Neither is the milk.

Try just meats, salads, veggies, and maybe a small amount of fruit for awhile and see what happens.

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You don't have to be intolerant to the milk, or any thing else. Allergy and intolerance is not the only way diet affects acne. Problem foods like dairy compound the problem. Dairy both contains and boosts production of IGF1 a hormone very much involved in acne. It also contains a precursor to DHT, another hormone involved in acne.

You should continue avoiding dairy a few more weeks to watch for improvements. And if you decide to add it back, it should ideally be fermented dairy from pastured animals. Fermentation reduces the igf1 and lactose. Goat also, is better than cow.

And that's just the dairy. Then there's the wheat and other grains. And the nuts. You have to try avoiding things methodically one by one or in groups of related foods. And really, the refined grains should never be a big part of your diet.

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Goat milk is surely better than a cow milk. If you could, make homemade keifr made from organic goat milk. Replacce your carbs and satisfication with Kefir.

Just cutting out dairy for 4 months did nothing to me, it didn't improve my skin at all. I knew dairy wasn't much of a big deal. Then I started drinking Kefir and wow lot less breakouts. Kefir has living bacterias in them, they aid overall digestion and kill yeast infection. Acne is somewhat related to that bad bacterias lying in your gut. Everyone has different amounts of them.

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Bodybuilding doesn't require a certain diet.


I can't comment on certain foods causing acne although I do try to avoid eating too many carbs, particularly bread, as it seems to screw my 'digestion' up which is often linked to acne.

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