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I Hope This Helps Somebody!

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I have suffered with "Cystic" acne for years and continue to do so. I took my second trip to the doctor today and he says that it is not cystic ( I diagnosed myself from online research ha ha) but rather it was hidradenitis, it is apparently the glands in my face that get infected under the skin , it gets really sore and a few days to a week later ka-boom a massive red spot appears, then a week to 2 weeks after that spot appears ka-boom it will hopefully have a white head so I can "cure" the problem.

What I am getting at is it may not be cystic acne that you have... and I know everyone searches (myself included) for the quick fix, and the last thing you need to read is that you need an anti-biotic etc etc , I would love if there was a magic home remedy but in my case there is not, no amount of tea tree oil or warm compressing will get rid of these problem spots in a few days unfort, so take the hit in the pocket, dont spend another year waiting for another eruption from beneath the surface, go to your doctor and make sure you explain what it is you are having trouble with, you pay good money so do not leave the GP until you are happy with what he/she says.

I hope somebody frantically googling "how to get rid of cystic acne" see's this post, as it has taken me years of trying different things with little to no result, I was prescribed 2 anti biotics 1 of which will be long term, I was on one a few years back... that helped a bit, but I told the doctor that I need rid of these pesturing things and he is confident with what he has prescribed. I will post back here in a few weeks to advise on my situation, I only hope by then I will be clear of all this ****.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for sharing, but I'd like to warn everyone about looking up "keratosis pilaris" in Google Images. You'll find some pretty... grotesque... pictures.

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