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Nose Sebeceous Hyperplasia / Hypertrophic Scar ( Please Help Me )

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Hello, i have some sebaceous hyperplasia on nose, or hypertrophic scars, i dont know exactly, but theyre a raised scars on my nose result of cystic acne, my dermatologist said they were going out with time but i didnt see any improvment with time, btw

she's prescribed me accutane, 20mg day for acne and these bumps on my nose. i'm already taking it for 2 months about and i still didnt see any improve on my nose scars, but my acne almost gone.

anyone can help me? i will took it for about 1 year and 1 month, i have a long way.. but these scars on my nose are killing me, i need to know if accutane need more time to do effect on then or somewhat.. i already see alot of topics here talking about sebaceous hyperplasia on nose, people talking about electrocautery, excision, co2, erbium and accutane, i was wondering about kenalog injections on my nose, but i dont know if i can do it on accutane.. please someone can help me?? thanks

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accutane doesn't always help SH. Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn't. Someone on here had success with EC, but they aren't here anymore. Someone else did it, but never responded to follow ups, but it seemed to be going poorly. Excision may work, but can cause scarring. Scratch that, it will def cause scarring. Kenalolg may work. Laser could possibly work too. It's hard to say, because so many who have this don't do anything about it. If it were me, I'd probably start with EC but only on one or two.

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